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With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man last week being so close to the impending arrival of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, it's not hard to see why Batman might feel that Spidey rebooted himself too soon just to spoil the big swan song of his latest film series at the box-office.

Well, s**t just got real, and it seems that the city of Toronto will have to host what could be the ultimate throw-down.

...Well, the ultimate light-shoving match, anyway.

Tonight On AOTS: Robert Kirkman Talks Comic-Con & Community's Dan Harmon Visits!

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Marc Maron returns with Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood and this time, they're bringing back Robert Kirkman from The Walking Dead to talk about all things Comic-Con 2012 related! We also check in with Community creator Dan Harmon on what really happened with the NBC series and his upcoming projects. There are also awesome customizable kicks for Sneakerheads and more! Tune in tonight 7/6c.

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This week's box-office king, The Amazing Spider-Man may have been a reinvention of the franchise's character and pathos, but as far as Indian Spider-Man goes, he's got great power and great responsibility...to ditch all that crime-fighting crap and take the LSAT.

His folks know that he was bitten by a radioactive spider, but the superpowers that resulted from it doesn't come with a six-figure salary and a 401(k.)

Super Golden Friends

Posted July 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Clearly, fighting crime with the Super Friends could only last so long and the ultimate betrayal would come when Wendy & Marvin, along with the Wonder Twins finally had the oldies put into a retirement community in Miami, where they still engage in coquettish banter and act sassy and stuff.

In the subsequent years, Aquaman would finally achieve an ironic, "omg he's old, but he says the wackiest things" kind of fame, even guest-hosting Saturday Night Live after waging a Twitter campaign.

(The) Flashdance

Posted July 9, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

(The) Flashdance

He runs in place faster than any other hero.

He's just a Keystone dude on a Saturday Night looking for someone to greenlight his damn movie, already.

When he tries to dump water on himself, the molecules move too slow to hit him.

The last time he took his passion to make it happen, he ran himself to death.


The Dark Knight Rises: New Featurette

While The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in just a little more than a week, this new 13-minute featurette is well worth committing the time as director Christopher Nolan, along with the film's cast and creative forces show how much went into the massive undertaking that was this film. 

We also get some fascinating perspective on the film's intentions, characters, plot, and it really drives home the fact that this, indeed, is the finale to Nolan's groundbreaking Batman films and they intend to go out with a bang.

In the movie, Batman's been sitting out on the sidelines for eight long years, and now , it seems that a new, massive, (albeit unintelligible) threat has arrived claiming to be Gotham's reckoning.

Instead of watching the world burn, watch the new featurette below!

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Despite the stigma of being a too-quick reboot featuring a relatively-unknown star, The Amazing Spider-Man managed to nab the top spot at the box-office this past weekend, bringing impressive (albeit not record-breaking) numbers.

However, it might be the case that the film needed a little more old-school intrigue. Well, thanks to this mashup of the film's trailer with footage of the 1967 classic cartoon series (which now serves-up myriads of Internet meme pictures,) we can see for ourselves if that's the case.

Tonight On AOTS: Seth Green Talks Comic-Con & Acer Iconia Tab A700 Review

Tonight 7/6c, Attack of the Show returns with Paul Scheer, Candace Bailey and Seth Green live in studio! The actor-writer-producer will be here to talk about the latest news on Robot Chicken and his plans for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Matt Mira also reviews the Acer Iconia Tab A700 on Gadget Pr0n and Jessica Chobot sits down with the cast of Savages. Plus, Candace takes us behind the scenes of her new video game, Sudden Attack. Check out the trailer below.

Sudden Attack "Save Candace Bailey" Trailer »

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It's A Matter Of Perspective

Posted July 5, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

It's A Matter Of Perspective

Either the years of crime-fighting stress have put a sharp crease down Spider-Man's forehead, or Victoria's Secret Models are tanning way too much.

Maybe it's time Spidey upgraded his eye-goggles to a sports bra for the sake of security.


"Where did the ball go? I saw you throw it, but then something happened and it never landed.

Tell me where it is, you scum!!! Did you just pretend to throw it and then hide it behind your back?

Is that what happened?! SWEAR TO ME!!!"

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