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Guy Gets Revenge On Dog Owner

Posted October 4, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

How one guy got revenge on a stinky dog owner. Check out the other perspective in the video after the jump!

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As you saw in today's Viewer Army segment, Dragon*Con is one of the largest roleplay gatherings on Earth, but the dragon fun doesn't have to stop after the con is over, as is evidenced by these amazing dragon-related offerings from the online craft/joke repository that is Etsy.com.

Going To Dragon*Con? Buy These Things On Etsy!

Want to dress like a dragon person? You're going to need ears, my friend! Dragon ears! And these latex jobbers will fit the bill, just for you.

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Send Your Faxes To Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb!We're reaching out yet again to you luminaries who recognize the genius of Attack of the Show and want to be a part of the show's rich and illustrious history. We considered asking you to build shrines and carve statues as a display of your love and devotion to AOTS, but then we decided that asking you to send faxes would be much, much simpler.

So, send them in, your doodles, your musings, your grand opuses and, if you're lucky, you'll see them on today's show. You've got to ask yourself one question, "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya', punk devoted fan?

This time around, we're asking you to decide which fax number to use by flipping a coin. The AOTS fax machines go live at 7PM ET!

Fax Numbers:

Heads: (323) 692-4488
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AOTS Friday, April 30

Posted April 30, 2010 - By Eugene Morton
This past weekend, 'Attack of the Show' partnered up with 501st Legion for a charity car wash to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Yup, that meant Sara Underwood and a team of slave Leias rinsing and lathering dirty vehicles, all for community service!
Epic Giveaway cube computer
Kick your weekend off with a whole new epic giveaway with Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. This time, they're offering a MAINGEAR X-Cube Gaming PC for one lucky viewer. Congratulations to the winner of the Star Wars Darth Vader mini-bust from Gentle Giant!
Stun and bewilder your enemies with these simple steps to one-up your badassery, and become the most dangerous weapon on the block.
Sara Underwood and Weston Scott's work with OnPoint Tactical Training is put to the test with an actual escape and evade capture scenario, where they must break free from kidnappers, disguise themselves and locate their extraction points.
Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn travel to the famous Skywalker Ranch to visit Dave Filoni, who shows them all the behind the scenes secrets to make an episode of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.'
gadgt pron
3D televisions are on their way, and Panasonic may be ahead of the curve with their 50" 3D plasma TV. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn take a look its special features like the included LCD shutter glasses, Viera Cast and 600 Hz refresh rate, all for $2,500.
viewr army
The Viewer Army returns to the Windy City of Chicago with Andre Walker for the first C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) Convention for the latest news from the anime, comic book, television and film worlds.
skywalker ranch
Kevin Pereira explores the impact of George Lucas' ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) on special effects in cinema with Dennis Muren and George Lucas, from the first Star Wars film to the growing trend of 3D movies.
24 comedy sketh
Kevin Pereira returns to the set of 24 and we can only hope he properly diffuses this latest life threatening situation.
Awesome Convertible Jump, Hypnotic Japanese Gum Commercial, Epic Croatian Basketball Fail, Drunk Magnum, Dude Vader.
Combine your game skills from Lumines and Tetris in this musical arcade puzzle game, Chime.

AOTS Friday, December 18

Posted December 18, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
The legendary writer-director James Cameron brings the Avatar spirit to Attack of the Show where he sits down with Kevin Pereira to talk about his new 3-D masterpiece, its four Golden Globe nominations and more.
Good gifts do come in small packages, like the HP Mini 311 Netbook. Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira take a look at this mini laptop that weighs only 3.2 lbs with an 11.6" HD LED screen and an Nvidia Ion graphics card.
avatar press
Blair Herter got to hang out with the cast of Avatar in London to talk about their critically acclaimed project. Find out what Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and even James Cameron himself.
Human Engine, Honika Electronica, Madden Meets 'Star Wars,' Zombie Cats, Living Photograph.
The biggest movie of all time just got awesomer. Check out this trailer with Olivia Munn and Eva Amurri for the upcoming G4 special, AOTS Best of Olivia '09.
Storm Trooper Army
The Empire wants YOU to sign up as a stormtrooper
viewer army
Santa and alcohol always mix well, especially when it's to raise money to combat pancreatic cancer! Viewer army member Kiel Harvey checks out a charitable Stanford Santa Pub Crawl.

AOTS Tuesday, August 11

Posted August 11, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Film expert Chris Gore talks to Sara Jean Underwood about three new DVD releases coming out this week, including 'I Love You Man,' 'Alien Trespass' and 'Big Man Japan.' Which one to buy, rent or ignore? Only Gore can tell.
the feed
It's time for a Tuesday news feeding from Kristin Adams, who has stories on the summer update for the Xbox 360 dashboard, the new Chevy Volt with its 230MPG rating, and Twitter opera and more.
star trek
Blair Herter transforms into a Klingon to visit the Klingon Blood Feast at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas.
veiwer army
Virtual audience member CD-ROM 1019 (better known as Chris Delucia) shows us around his hometown of Syracuse, NY with his new Flip camera from the AOTS viewer army.
Take a nice, soothing game break with X-Play's Adam Sessler, who stops by for an early review on Batman: Arkham Asylum.
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
If you can't wait until Friday for District 9, then AOTS is here to save the day. Chris Hardwick presents an exclusive clip from the new Sci-Fi flick from Peter Jackson.
Chris Hardwick and Sam Abuelsamid from AutoblogGreen.com take a hard look at Chevy's new electric car, Volt, with its impressive 230 MPG rating and what this debut can mean for you as an eco-friendly, hybrid-driving consumer.
Take your nerdy fandom to the extreme with these Star Wars bookends, the Simpsons movie promotional sofa, Batman's own leather motorcycle suit and the SFX T-1000 motorbike from Terminator.
Deer Rump Mount, Onion Google Opt Out, Guy Catches Laptop with Butt, World's Best Dancer, The Hammer-X.
hammer time
Chris Hardwick and Sara Jean Underwood discover the original strength test footage of the Hammer-X golf club.
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