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Whoever is under the impression that golf is a slow, boring sport for rich people might want to reconsider that position if more nutshot-centric activity was integrated.

In this case, a hapless cameraman shooting a drive competition had no idea that one competitor's ball was looking for a painful threesome with two other balls: His.

Candace Bailey Rally Races With Bucky Lasek, Pics

If you auto-fanatics got a kick out of seeing Candace Bailey strap in to a Subaru with rally racer Bucky Lasek, then our Candace Bailey rally race photos will absolutely thrill you! They're a must see for any gearhead and even those of you who have rides that can barely outrace Power Wheels. So, go look at our Candace Bailey rally race photos now!

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Since the water at these parks are mostly recycled pee and this girl was just kind of floating around, there's no shortage of irony in the way she was sucked into the twirling rapids like a giant courtesy flush.

Candace Bailey & Sara Underwood Wrestle In Oatmeal, Pics

The oatmeal wrestling match between Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood is perhaps the greatest thing that has ever happened. We predict that years from now, scholars will talk about how the sexy tussle changed the course of human history and your children will see pictures of Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestling in their high school text books. Thankfully, you don't have to wait till then to see the pics, because we've got Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestling pictures right here on AOTB! Take a gander and remember that you have work tomorrow, so you can only spend about twelve hours or so looking at them.

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The UFC's Chuck Liddell Behind-the-Scenes Interview »

Legendary UFC champion and current UFC Executive Vice President of Business Development, Chuck Liddell discusses his early days as a UFC fighter, talks about the growing pains MMA has endured as a sport, recounts the UFC's evolution, and makes big reveals about the UFC's future with Fox and more! UFC fans and MMA enthusiasts, you have to see this!

Also, follow Chuck Liddell on Twitter @ChuckLiddell and on Facebook.

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After years of watching Around the Net, we thought we'd seen human beings get toppled by every type of object in every conceivable setting. We were wrong.

It should come as no surprise that Star Wars' most feared villain, Darth Vader is a sore loser.

Retired hockey legend Wayne Gretzky still has more juice in his hockey stick than most players have in their whole bodies and he's not afraid to prove it!

While in Atlanta for WrestleMania XXVII, I had the opportunity to get backstage at the VIP reception for the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, hosted by our friends at THQ, in celebration of WWE All-Stars. While there, I interviewed some current superstars to find out what they think of the Hall of Fame, and what it would be like to be enshrined there someday.

Watch and see what they had to say.

WWE 2011 Hall Of Fame Ceremony Backstage Interviews »

WWE Champ Mike "The Miz" Mizanin Behind-the-Scenes Interview »


WWE Champion Mike "The Miz" Mizanin discusses his meteoric rise to WWE stardom, his rivalry with John Cena, his quest to outshine wrestling legend, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and his desire to reign supreme at the upcoming Wrestlemania XXVII. Check it out, wrestling fans!

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