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Halo 3

Tonight On AOTS: Arrow's Katie Cassidy, Halo 4 & Holiday Gift Guide!

John Barrowman and Candace Bailey bring you a brand-new Attack of the Show with Katie Cassidy from Arrow, our trip into the Halo 4 universe and Matt Mira's latest smartphone picks for our Holiday Gift Guide. Plus, Alex Albrecht rates the new Canon PowerShot S110 digital camera for Gadget Pr0n. Tune in tonight 7/6c.

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Tom Felton Behind-the-Scenes Interview »

Tom Felton, star of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films, talks about his sincere affection for the Planet of the Apes films, says why longtime fans of the franchise and modern movie goers will love the new film, shares his plan for surviving the actual simian apocalypse and discusses his character arc in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

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EXCLUSIVE Video of Mission Icefly ARG

Are you following Mission Icefly, the latest Alternate Reality Game from 42 Entertainment? You should be. Why? Well, if the fact that they produced I Love Bees for Halo 2, the Year Zero game for Nine Inch Nails and last year’s über-popular Flynn Lives ARG for Tron Legacy isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the mystery surrounding this latest production will. We’ve even got an exclusive video you won’t find anywhere else!

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The ARG launched a couple months back as Test Subjects Needed and The Human Preservation Proejct, where you could take an online “assessment test” but over the past few weeks has evolved to include something called Mission Icefly. They dropped tons of paper helicopters with glowing LED lights over Bonnaroo, there were sightings of it at E3 and most recently a real-world scavenger hunt was held, where winners found… well, it’s really cool, so you should watch the video to see it.

There have been lots of theories as to what The Human Preservation Project/Mission Icefly is about. We’ve heard rumors of everything from chewing gum, to a new movie to even Halo 4. 42 is being tight lipped about it (trust us, we point blank asked) which makes this all the more fun. Whatever this ARG turns out to be, 42 Entertainment has scored Terry “Locke” O’Quinn for this video, so in our minds, this has got to be something interesting. We can only imagine that something must be brewing for this at San Diego Comic-Con, but again, that’s just us theorizing, since the game's latest countdown clock is running until the Friday before Comic-Con. Check out the video and then tell us what you think Mission Icefly is about in the comments!


Exclusive Mission Icefly ARG Video »



We really are playing Mission Icefly. Talk with the author more about it on Twitter.

Felicia Day is a very busy woman indeed and right now she's all about Rock Jocks, her independent comedy film about a secret government organization assigned to destroy incoming asteroids, fight budget cutbacks and fend off boredom. The Guild star spoke with us about her role as Alison, as well as how the project came together with director/writer Paul Seetachitt.

Felicia Day's Rock Jocks Exclusive Interview »

With other cast members including Justin Chon (Twilight) and YouTube celebrity KevJumba, Rock Jocks is set to open in theaters in 2012. For more news, visit the official Rock Jocks Facebook page or follow them on Twitter!

Shuttle X350 Slim PC Review & Halo: Reach Game Break

Would you look at that? It's the Shuttle X350 desktop PC and it'll be making its way to Gadget Pr0n on Attack of the Show tonight. Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb will be reviewing the super slim computer that measures only 1.5" thick. This computer may be sleek, but will it provide the necessary support you need in a desktop computer? Tune in tonight at 7pm for the final rating.

In Game Break, Morgan and Kevin will also be giving their thoughts on Halo: Reach which, if you haven't noticed, finally hit store shelves this week. Find out what they have to say about Bungie's final chapter on the Halo universe and whether the game is living up to all the hype. See you tonight at 7pm!

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Nook eReader Review & Morgan Webb on Halo: Reach Beta on AOTS!

Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick get literal (literally?) on tonight's Gadget Pr0n when they take a look at the $260 Nook eReader from Barnes & Noble, with its color touch screen, E Ink display and access to over 1,500 titles. Morgan Webb also visits from X-Play to talk about what's new with the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta. Tune in tonight at 7:00pm for an all new episode!

My Top Five Videogame Valentines

Posted February 12, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

My Top Five Videogame Valentines

Did you know? Valentine's Day is this Sunday, it's the holy day for love and giving presents to girls who really deserve it. No, this isn't a fake Hallmark holiday that represents needless consumerism in America. It's about girls, which explains why the editors of TheFeed asked me (an actual girl) to count down the top game characters I'd like to have as my very special boyfriends Valentines.

These guys may be fake and all, but that doesn't mean I can't swoon over them every time they appear on my TV screen. And they’re real in my heart.

5. Master Chief, Halo 3: I know, weird. But think about it!!!! He's the last living Spartan Supersoldier Something and talk about MYSTERY. I don't even know what this guy looks like, but I would totally make out with him. He saves the world, can survive pretty much anything (unless I'm the one actually playing Halo. Then he dies like every 5 minutes.) and the reason why he doesn't talk much is because he’s LISTENING. It’s really hard to find a guy who listens, you know? The only problem is getting Cortana out of the picture. She is so annoying.

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Some of television's biggest prime time comedy writer's are getting together to create a new machinima series consisting of 15 episodes. Machinima.com, now a virtual YouTube for user-created video game narratives, will house, market, and promote the episodes.

Will it be all chunky and quick like Robot Chicken, not that that's necessarily machinima, or more of a serial episodic deal like Red vs. Blue? We'll keep you informed as we know more about it and of course, once they're up on the site, we'll remind you to go check them out.

And here's a short episode of X-Play's Metroid machinima that's not even really machinima but more just a sweet animation. Anyway, enjoy:

Comedy: Metroid Machinima »


G4tv.com User Comment Reacharound

Posted November 14, 2008 - By Webmaster

You're awesome.  Well, most of you are awesome.  Well, lets just say that some of you have expressed your awesomeness in more awesome ways than others... specifically as blog comments.

So without any warning, pre-planning or official contest nonsense, we'd like to randomly reward a few of you with some bitchin' figurines from our friends at Spawn.com.  The comments below amused us in some way, so the users will get either a Guitar Hero, Call of Duty or Halo 3 Multiplayer figure of our choosing.  Think of it as a 'Webmaster Loves You'. 

Last Friday we posted a 'LittleBigPlanet Developer's Favorite Levels' story and kangy3 told the world "screw lists that start with 1".  Indeed.

This week's edition of Sessler's Soapbox was a hotbed of fanboy debate, as Adam took on the Gears 2 vs Resistance 2 nonsense going on over at Metacritic.  Amongst the nearly 300 comments, RTR's shone brightly saying "I wish all the fanboys in the world had one ass so I could put my foot in it. Sigh.  Wish I had a voice like Rorshach". 

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Stuart Beattie, more recently known as the man who penned Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, loves Halo so much that in his free time he wrote a script adapted from the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach. This much we knew already. Recently, Beattie mentioned that he is in talks with Microsoft about getting his movie made, and went to further detail the plot of his script. Short version; it's about a boy named "John". Long version; hit the Read More link.

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