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Freestyle 101

Fresh Ink Online: Murs, Catwoman, Batman, Green Lantern »

Host Blair Butler is joined by comic book lovin’ rapper Murs (check him out on G4tv.com’s Freestyle 101) for a Fresh Ink Online chock full of DC reboots. Enjoy reviews of Catwoman, Batman, Daredevil, Green Lantern Corps., Northlanders, A Game of Thrones, Near Death, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ultimate Comics: X-Men.

Make sure to check out Murs’ new album Love & Rockets v.1: The Transformation and visit him online.

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Ooohhh! It's April 19th! You know what that means? It's 4/20 Eve!

Hopefully, you've got your shopping done, and you didn't leave all of your gift-giving until the last moment. We're giving you the gift of remembrance today, with a classic 420 video featuring the immortal B-Real of Cypress Hill, from our gone-but-not-forgotten and dearly-missed web franchise Freestyle 101.

See what happened when we put B-Real in the studio and let the beats loose.

Freestyle 101: B-Real »

All 420, All Day Tomorrow! Your 4/20 TV checklist is in the basement.

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There are few bands more 4/20 friendly than Cypress Hill, who have been on the forefront of celebrating the day since the early 90's. Check out this video of B-Real from Cypress Hill, from when he came in to spit some rhymes for Freestyle 101, and enjoy your day!


Freestyle 101: B-Real »

Fresh Ink Online With Murs

Posted July 24, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Fresh Ink Online With Murs »

Anyone familiar with hip hop’s Murs knows he loves comic books. He raps about ‘em, he chats about ‘em, and he freestyles about ‘em (just check his Freestyle 101). Now he gets a chance to review ‘em as he fills in for his favorite host, the great Blair Butler, on Fresh Ink Online as she darts down to San Diego for Comic-Con. In fact, by the time you read this, Murs will have joined her at the famed comic book convention, but not before chatting about some of his favorite comics, including X-Factor, Queen and Country, DMZ, Black Lightning, Scott Pilgrim, Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and Red Robin.

Plus, make sure to listen carefully for Murs’ controversial stand on one of the top writers in comics today. Is there a rap-comic beef a-brewin’? Will caps get peeled? Likely not, but it sure is fun to imagine such a thing, ain’t it?

Yes, you’ll soon see this crazy-haired rapper knows his stuff and you can quiz him on his comic book knowledge on this summer’s Rock The Bells tour, where he’ll be serving as an MC…and likely serving some MCs with his deadly rhyme skills.

Check out Murs at www.mursmusic.com and get Rock The Bells tour dates at www.rockthebells.com.

Get ever fresher with Fresh Ink Online on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Check out Murs on Freestyle 101 after the jump…

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Freestyle 101: Chali 2Na (Jurassic 5)

Posted February 24, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Freestyle 101: Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) »

Hip hop heads know Chali 2Na from his incredible group Jurassic 5. Latin music fans know him from his work in Ozomatli and appearances with Santana. Pop music fans know him, as he's worked with everyone from Linkin Park, to Anthony Hamilton, to Roots Manuva. Videogamers know his music from the soundtracks to NBA Live 06 and NBA 2K7. His 2004 mixtape Fish Market collected many of his well-known guest spots onto one collection. But it’s his upcoming solo album Fish Outta Water that has fans' appetites...ahem, so wet.

Being L.A. natives our damn selves, we were thrilled to get this West Coast legend to step in the booth at The Engine Room in Hollywood to freestyle over a crazy R.N.S. beat. Chali also spoke about moving from Chicago to Los Angeles and his first-ever taste of a real freestyle battle courtesy of a then unknown MC named Microphone Mike spittin’ on the block, who later became Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship.

Make sure to check out other top MCs on Freestyle 101, including hardcore rappers like Fat Joe, M.O.P., LOX, Heltah Skeltah, and Immortal Technique; legends like Mobb Deep, Ice-T and Kool Keith; nerdcore artists like MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Del the Funk Homosapien, and many more.

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Freestyle 101: Sunspot Jonz (Living Legends) »

Many know Sunspot Jonz as a founding member of heralded Cali crew Living Legends, alongside Murs, Luckyiam, The Grouch, Scarub, Eligh, Aesop and Bicasso. Others know him as BFAP of underground duo Mystik Journeyman. Others know him as the solo artist responsible for a flood of CDs, including the awesome No Guts No Glory, as well as the recent Never Surrender. But one thing all fans know about East Oakland’s Sunspot Jonz is that he can freestyle.

So Freestyle 101 was happy as hell to get this true living legend in the booth at The Engine Room in Hollywood to spit some off-the-top rhymes over a Messiaz beat and chat about growing up in the Cali underground -- doing Top Ramen tours, sellin’ tapes at record stores back in the day for bus fare -- and generally living and breathing hip hop. Make sure to check out his upcoming house-hop project The Temper Twins, as well as solo efforts Fight Destroy Rock Volumes 1 & 2. Peep his Vlog too!

If you dig Sunspot Jonz, make sure to check out Murs, Del, LMNO, Lifesavas, Gift of Gab and Phoenix Orion. Freestyle 101 goes up every Tuesday at 9 a.m. PST (noon on the east). Next week is nerdcore hero MC Lars, followed by Thirstin Howell III, Charlie 2Na of Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli, and more. Make sure to check out our behind the scenes photos, our Forums, and visit us on Facebook and MySpace.

Freestyle 101: Killa Sha

Posted January 27, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Freestyle 101: Killa Sha »

Newcomer Killa Sha is lighting the New York hip hop scene on fire with his blazin’ 16s and hot mixtapes. You may know him from Tragedy Khadafi’s Against All Odds album, where he was featured on five songs, or his work with producers such as Alchemist, Marley Marl, Ayatollah, and Sha Money XL. Or maybe you know him from his countless mixtape appearances courtesy of the likes of DJ Kay Slay, Green Lantern, DJ Whoo Kid and Cut Master C. But whether you are familiar with him via his album God Walk on Water, or his guest verses alongside Kool G Rap, Jedi Mind Tricks, Planet Asia, and Large Professor, there’s one thing you’ll agree on: Killa Sha is serious on the mic.

So Freestyle 101 was more then excited when Large Professor showed up at The Engine Room to tape his episode and brought the Queensbridge native with him. Ya see, Large Pro has a new album out called Main Source and yer boy is the featured rapper on it, so the duo were on tour together to promote the endeavor. We had no idea Shalumi was gonna show up, but being up on all the dope new MCs, we were stoked when he did and asked him to step in the booth to spit over a sleazy Lord G beat. And spit he did. He also chatted about growing up in Queensbridge and watching greats like his mentor Tragedy and Freestyle 101 vet Cormega battle on the block. Legendary stuff.

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Saafir Interview: Living with Tupac

Posted January 21, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Freestyle 101 Presents: Saafir On Living With Tupac »

With the Biggie Smalls movie Notorious a big hit in theaters over the weekend, we thought we’d take a look at another fallen hip hop icon, Tupac Shakur.

Yesterday's Freestyle 101 webisode featured lyrical legend Saafir spittin’ a mean off the top rhyme and chatting about his early days in the Bay Area. One thing we didn’t show you though was his lengthy discussion about living with Tupac early on in their career. Both rappers came out of Digital Underground and were introduced by member Money B. They quickly became roommates and friends, spending a great deal of time together hanging out, freestyling, eatin’, shootin’, pickin’ up on girls and all sorts of craziness. In this exclusive interview, Saafir reveals never-before heard stories about one of hip hop’s greatest soldiers. This is one you won’t wanna miss!

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Freestyle 101: Saafir

Posted January 20, 2009 - By Frank Meyer

Freestyle 101: Saafir »

Saafir is known as one of the Bay Area’s greatest lyricists. Founder of the Hobo Junction crew, he first made waves in 1994 with his classic debut, The Boxcar Sessions. He followed with 1998’s indie Trigonometry, made his major label debut the following years with The Hit List, and issued Good Game: The Transition in 2006.

Many also know him as 1/3 of the short-lived supergroup Golden State, alongside Xzibit and Freestyle 101 vet Ras Kass. Or you may also remember him from his role in the film Menace II Society. But it is Hobo Junction’s controversial on-air freestyle battle with rival SF crew Hieroglyphics that many hip hop heads remember him best.

In his Freestyle 101 interview, Saafir goes into great detail about what set off this legendary KMEL battle with Del the Funky Homosapien’s crew; how it went down in the studio; and how it finally ended back on the streets. It’s a unique look into one of the most notorious and infamous freestyle battles ever.

He also spits over a slippery R.N.S. beat at The Engine Room in Hollywood, chats about his days with Digital Underground, and weighs in on the debate over whether written rhymes can be used in freestyle or not. Fascinating stuff from a man many feel is one of the game’s all-time most underrated.

Plus, make sure to come back tomorrow when we air a bonus interview with Saafir where he talks about living with Tupac in the early days. The two rappers were roommates in the Bay area before they hit it big, and Saafir gives us a rare glimpse into what Pac was like as a roommate, a friend and a freestyler. You will not want to miss this.

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Freestyle 101: Teflon

Posted January 13, 2009 - By Frank Meyer


Freestyle 101: Teflon »

Having made his debut on the duo’s first album, 1994's To The Death, Brooklyn (Brownsville, to be specific) rapper Teflon has been down with M.O.P. since day one. He’s appeared on nearly all of their albums and side-projects since, as well as issuing his own efforts, with 1997’s My Will, and the stellar mixtapes Bad News Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Considered one of the most underrated MCs out of the Big Apple, Teflon also has the honor of being one of DJ Premier’s go-go rappers, as the two have collaborated many times, including on Tef’s upcoming album, Contraband.

Freestyle 101 was happy to have Teflon stop by Play Studios in NYC to spit an insane crime rhyme over a crazy R.N.S. beat. Thanks to Laze E. Laze, Foxxx and Lil’ Fame for hookin’ us up with him (First Family 4 Life!). Make sure to check out other M.O.P. homeboys on Freestyle 101, including the aforementioned Lil’ Fame, Ikka-Bod, Loaded Lux and Termanology. Freestyle 101 goes up every Tuesday at 9 a.m. PST (noon on the east). Next week is hot newcomer Killa Sha, followed by Saafir, Sunspot Jonz, MC Lars, Thirtin Howell II and Charlie 2Na. Find us on MySpace, Facebook, rant in the Forums, and peep our behind the scenes photo gallery.

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