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The winter weather might be settling it, but that doesn't mean your ears have to be left out in the cold. Check out this round of Free Beats, featuring the music from Misser, Hesta Prynn and City Rain.

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Tonight On AOTS: Brian Posehn Talks Deadpool & DVDuesday Returns!

John Barrowman and Candace Bailey are here with a new Attack of the Show, featuring comedian Brian Posehn with the latest on writing the new Deadpool series with Gerry Duggan and artist Tony Moore from Marvel. Chris Gore returns for a new DVDuesday with reviews on The Amazing Spider-Man and Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview while Matt Farah builds his dream car at the 2012 SEMA Show. Tune in tonight 7/6c.

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Iron Man 3: First Look At Mandarin, Teaser Footage

On the eve of the unveiling for the Iron Man 3 debut trailer, Entertainment Weekly has released a photo giving our first official look at Sir Ben Kingsley in his role as Iron Man's key signature villain, Mandarin.

While it is recognized that the solo sequel to Marvel's Armored Avenger will feature Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark forming a new bond with his armor by way of nano-technology, it will also delve into new pathological territory for the billionaire genius; that of darkness and doubt.

Now, the Marvel movieverse's Iron Man will contend with his greatest, most iconic comic book rival for the first time on the big screen.

Check below for the teaser footage released this past weekend which is designed to whet our appetites for tomorrow's trailer debut.

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Justice League Looks For A 2015 Showdown

It looks like the Justice League could be ready to give some heavy competition to The Avengers sequel.

At this point, it appears that Summer 2015 is the target release period for this dream film, which Warner Bros studio hopes to begin shooting as soon as next year.

With the announcement yesterday that Warner is indeed moving forward with their own answer to the big-screen dream crossover, it seems that their ambitions won't be diminished by Marvel's over $1.5 billion money-making machine. Thus, 2015 could be the year that two of the biggest titans in the history of comic book films square-off.

What will DC have up their sleeves to unseat the current champs at Marvel?

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It Got Tired Of Floating

Posted October 3, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

It Got Tired Of Floating

People need to read the fine print before judging this phone's merits.

Clearly, whoever set up this demonstration forgot to activate its key element. The floating feature requires a subscription to a $9.99 per month buoyancy plan with your provider.


The Internet got really excited about Neurowear's Necomimi mechanical ears that move based on your brainwaves but what about a tail? Check out this commercial for their "Shippo" prototype! And get ready for all the furries to freak out with excitement.

For more viral videos, watch Around the Net on Attack of the Show every weeknight at 7/6c!

Blu-ray Player That Never Gets A Headache

Either this Blu-ray player is equipped with features suitable for a wife, or the "p" in "1080p" does not, in this case, stand for "progressive."

While you'll never have to put a ring on any part of this "wife," she'll still probably hit you up with an extended warranty prenup.


This woman waiting in line for the iPhone 5 in New York is extremely psyched for its new, innovative, and exciting features such as texting and...texting.

Indeed, her enthusiasm for what the iPhone 5 (otherwise known as "Apple 5") can bring to her life is so uncontrollable, that she's opted to wait in line and grind it out the hard way, rather than subject herself to the "scams" perpetrated when you order it from the Apple Store website.

This Motel Is Probably Crusty

Posted September 11, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

This Motel Is Probably Crusty

Rather than paying for a housekeeping staff, this motel has instead chosen to embrace what has become a prominent and consistent feature of their rooms.

Their advertising tagline is, "our rooms hold entire civilizations."


Wonder Woman Returning To TV...Again

Posted September 7, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Wonder Woman Returning To TV...Again

It appears that DC's iconic Amazon will be making another attempt to lasso a spot on the small screen.

According to a report from Vulture, Wonder Woman will indeed be back on television, this time developed as a drama on The CW network chronicling the character's origin which will be titled, Amazon.

Just a little over a year after the pilot for the last attempted Wonder Woman TV series starring Adrianne Palicki would be scrapped by NBC, it seems that Diana of Themyscira will be featured in a prequel series similar in context to Smallville depicting her formative, pre-stars-and-striped bikini days.

What kind of series should we expect?

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