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Comic-Con '09

The Avengers: Brand New Official Set Photos

The Avengers have released new official set photos in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. However, the real story here may be the issue's cover itself, showing the team assembled (via Photoshop), giving us our very first look at Mark Ruffalo as he will appear in the film as Bruce Banner aka The Hulk.

As you can see on the cover (see below) and the pic above, Ruffalo, having inherited the role from Edward Norton, appears a bit Johnny Depp-ish with kind of a stoner version of a "Blue Steel" stare. And, as we saw in the concept art poster from Comic-Con, the look of the Hulk will reflect Ruffalo's face.

Do check out the other new pics below.

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Welcome Felicia Day & Elyse Levesque on AOTS

Chris Hardwick is one lucky man. Tonight on Attack of the Show, he hangs out with not one but TWO awesome ladies. Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible and The Guild is co-hosting alongside Chris and he gets to sit down with Elyse Levesque to talk about her role on Stargate Universe.

Don't know who to be more excited about? Pick both or all three! Tune in tonight at 7:00pm EST when AOTS goes live with Chris, Felicia and Elyse.

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So, you couldn't make it to Comic-Con 2009...or maybe you did, but you couldn't get into the Attack of the Show panel because of the line of hundreds of fans waiting outside. You didn't think we'd let you miss it, did you? Of course not. Here, now, in its entirety, is the AOTS panel from Comic-Con, including interviews with Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Blair Butler, and the executive producers of the show, talking about a typical workday, taking questions from fans, and giving some surprises to the crowd in attendance.

There's also a nerd rave. Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is. Check it out.

If you're having a problem with the video player, please just hit play and pause and let it buffer for a while. Then go make a sandwich. It's a big file. Thanks.,


Attack of the Show Panel from Comic-Con '09 »



Fresh Ink Online: Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con '09 Interview »

Writer Marc Guggenheim chats with Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler about his work on Resurrection in this special  interview at Comic-Con 09. 

Is a film version of Resurrection in the works? Tune in and find out!

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AOTS Monday, August 3

Posted August 3, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
game breakers
It's Kevin Pereira versus X-Play's Adam Sessler as they talk about the pros and cons of the gameplay, visuals and online play in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
Take your comic book dreams to reality with these three great websites that will help you create your own comic book panels and cartoons.
effin science
Science is only cool if you can destroy, melt and make bubbles out of your personal belongings. Learn how to blow bubbles from your old plastic CDs in this edition of 'It's Effin Science.'
gadget pron
Kevin Pereira and Carissa Walford take a look at the Nokia N97 phone to see if the 3.5" touch screen, slide-up keyboard and 3G web browsing is worth the $630.
the loop
Kevin Pereira talks to Joshua Topolsky from Engagdet.com about the flurry of Apple news over the FCC's investigation with Google Voice, Google's Eric Schmidt stepping down from the Apple board and more.
Demolition Fail, Dog Swing, The Big Hit, Crazy Nanny, Zombie Boot Camp.
the feed
Blair Herter has a bright and shiny Monday feeding with news about FCC's investigation into Apple and AT&T, Futurama's cast returning, catching hackers at DefCon and more.
It's a Stanley Kubrick-esqu look at the hardships of zombie military boot camp and the emotional frailties of the undead.
carissa open
Australia's Carissa Walford co-hosts Attack of the Show and helps refresh Kevin Pereira's memory with a special surprise.

host Blair Butler takes you on a floor tour of Comic-Con 09.

From the wild masks and models at the Prop Store of London, to the art of DC Direct, to the comicy wonders of Artists Alley, Blair leaves no stone unturned!

Fresh Ink Online: Comic-Con 09 Floor Tour »

Fresh Ink Online

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Comic-Con seems like it will last forever and then it's over before you know it.  Our 9-part series with Olivia Munn, covering 48 hours and almost as many miles, criss-crossing the San Diego Convention Center with our trusty, musty camera crew by her side, feels much the same way - done too soon. 

Thanks and love to Olivia for letting us in, and then firmly but gracefully shoving us back out with a kiss before hopping a jet to over the hills and far away. See you back in LA! Don't go changin', hear? 

(Unless it's into that Emma Frost outfit, DAMN.)


48 Hours with Olivia at Comic-Con Part 6: Do It Live »


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Comic-Con 09 Costume Time!

Posted July 25, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

The highlight of G4's live coverage of Comic-Con 09 would be the array of creative costumes that Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira donned for our audience.

Luckily for you, we've compiled them all together in a single video for you.

The Kevin and Olivia Costume Parade from Comic-Con 2009 »

Being a huge fan of True Blood (seriously folks, second season is pretty awesome) I was glued to this clip from Comic-Con. Kevin and Olivia talk with Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) about the surge in Vampire love, the show's second season's success, and more. Amazing how different they look not-vamped-up.

A Visit From the Cast of True Blood »

Who knew that Woll was such a fan of Comic-Con? Very cool news indeed. Now if Kevin got Anna Paquin's phone number from one of these guys I'll be seriously impressed. Soookiiiiieeeeehhh.

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Boy, oh boy...don't you just wish you could spend a couple of intimate, noisy days at San Diego's Comic-Con 2009 with AOTS host and Playboy covergirl Olivia Munn!?  Well, now you can't.

But she is trying to make you feel like you could. Rather than enjoy her fractional free time hiding from handheld cameras, she's put herself out there with our glommy, dubious video crew and is giving two full days of attention to us Comic-Con junkies. 

Join Ms. Munn as she gets made up, hangs with the OMFG (Olivia Munn Fan Group), grants interviews, meets Stan Lee, hosts the AOTS Panel and the Star Wars Spectacular with TV-cousin Kevin Pereira and tries to find the Star Wars Awards and...gosh.  That's just the first day. Tomorrow hasn't even happened yet. Just watch.

48 Hours with Olivia at Comic-Con Part 1: OMFG »


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