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Chris Gore

Tonight On AOTS: Key & Peele's Jordan Peele & DVDuesday Returns!

Michael Kosta and Candace Bailey are back in a new Attack of the Show! Tonight's adventures include a visit from comedian Jordan Peele from Key & Peele, Chris Gore's reviews of Moonrise Kingdom and That's My Boy on DVDuesday and Blair Butler and Toy Hunter's Jordan Hembrough tracking down collectibles at New York Comic Con and. Tune in tonight 7/6c.

Tonight On AOTS: The Dictator's Jason Mantzoukas & DVDuesday Returns

Attack of the Show returns tonight 7/6c with Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey and Jason Mantzoukas from The Dictator live in studio. Chris Gore brings this week's DVDuesday reviews with a look at Chronicle, The Grey and The Devil Inside. We also check out three new crowd-funding campaigns that blends textbooks with comics and help save the sharks! See you tonight.

Chris Gore Talks About The Amazing Spider-Man Preview »

The new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man premiered the other day but we know you want more. Did we say more? We meant Gore. DVDuesday's Chris Gore checked out a sneak preview of the film for the press and told us all about it, including the exclusive scenes not seen in the trailer. It's like DVDuesday but without the DVDs!

The League's Paul Scheer & Chris Gore Interviews The Muppets on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Paul Scheer from The League returns to the studio with Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey while Chris Gore sits down with the cast of The Muppets and tries to see how he can be a puppet himself. We take a look at two Black Friday TV deals on Gadget Pr0n and the Blairs sit down with Ramsey Nijem to discuss the upcoming UFC 139 fight. See you tonight at 7PM.

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Chris Gore's DVD Horror Picks & Bustice Returns With Power Girl On AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood bring you another Bustice and Power Girl adventure where once again, they save the world! Chris Gore returns for a special edition of DVDuesday with his horror movie picks, just in time for Halloween. "Weird Al" Yankovic will also be in studio to talk about his Alpocalypse tour and Candace Bailey checks out the construction playground in Las Vegas. See you at 7PM!

Troma's Lloyd Kaufman & New DVDuesday on AOTS Tonight

Tonight on Attack of the Show, we talk to filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman about his new Troma project, Father's Day, directed Astron-6 about an insane killer on the loose. Chris Gore also returns with an all new DVDuesday where he covers releases like Battle: Los Angeles, The Company Men and Hall Pass. Sara Underwood covers Fleet Week in New York City and more! See you at 7PM.

Hey, AOTB fans!  We're back with another edition of A Snack of the Show, a bite-sized way to consume Attack of the Show for the entire week in about 2 minutes!  This time around, we bring you the week of April 25th, when among other things PSN was hacked, Candace grabbed her own booty and shook it uncontrollably, and Chris Gore revealed a ripe fondness for animals that none of us share and hopefully he's gotten over.

It's a quick little Friday pick me up, and a nice way to kick off the weekend.  Check it out!

A Snack of the Show: People Aren't Cute Edition »

Hey, AOTB fans! We're back with another edition of A Snack of the Show, a bite-sized way to consume Attack of the Show for an entire week in about two minutes! This time, we're looking back at the week of April 11th, which was when we got to go behind-the-scenes with Candace Bailey at her Maxim photo shoot.

It's hilarious, and a concentrated dose of AOTS-related funny! Check it out!

A Snack of the Show: Candace to the Maximus Edition »

Sean Poole Becomes A Zombie For DVDuesday

Zombies are expensive, and rather than hire one and have to deal with the cost of a wrangler, worry about crew safety or deal with any possible P.E.T.Z. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies) outrage, we enlisted our talented crew of makeup artists to transform Production Assistant, Sean Poole into one of the undead for today's DVDuesday with Chris Gore and Candace Bailey. Of course, we also took pictures of the zombie metamorphoses, which you should totally check out! Please, don't send any letters if you're an actual zombie and are offended. We respect all people, living and undead alike.

WWE's Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho on AOTS Tonight

Tonight at 7PM, Attack of the Show welcomes WWE's Chris Jericho in studio for his new book, Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps. Watch as he shares his favorite stories from the book, how this second autobiography came together and if he'll ever return to the wrestling ring.

It's Tuesday so that also means DVDuesday returns with Chris Gore, where he'll be reviewing Megamind, All-Star Superman and Due Date with Candace Bailey, while we explore some new hacks to enjoy classic video games on your iPad for cheap! See you tonight.

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