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CES 2010

CES 2010: Sony W Series Notebook, Samsung BD-C6900 & More »

Not all technological advancements are evil like Skynet. Sony proves that new gadgets can also be eco-friendly, like their new recycled W series Eco notebook. Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip cover more of the top consumer tech from CES 2010, like the new Toshiba Satellite E205 laptop and the Samsung BD-C6900 Blu-ray player that yes, has built-in 3D playback in case you don't want to buy a 3D television.

So what happens when you hook up your 3D DVD player to your 3D TV? 4D?

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3D TV Crazy at CES 2010

Posted January 8, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

CES 2010: 3D Televisions Review »

Yup. It's true. 3D HD televisions have launched at CES 2010. Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip take a look at the products soon to be available in your home, like the Sony Bravia LX Series with its 3D features built-in, the Samsung C9000 that comes with what has to be the coolest remote ever (a mini TV?? On your remote???) and the "no one is ever really going to buy this, right?" Panasonic 152" 3D plasma.

If and when you do buy these TVs, please send us photos of yourself wearing the 3D companion glasses. No, we won't laugh.

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More CES 2010 Coverage on AOTS Tonight

Attack of the Show's coverage of CES 2010 continues tonight on G4 at 7:00 PM! Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip will take on even more cutting edge consumer technology, like 3D televisions from Samsung and Panasonic, the Sony W Series Eco Notebook, a new Toshiba satellite with a wireless TV receiver and a time machine. Okay, kidding about the last one.

Check it out tonight! 

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CES 2010 Quick Hit: Intel MultiTouch Wall Review »

This is probably the coolest (okay, maybe not but close!) display at CES 2010. Kevin Pereira checks out Intel's amazing MultiTouch Wall that displays thousands of live feeds using its i7 core processer.

And by check out, we really mean he pokes it incessantly.

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CES 2010: 3D TV, PopBox, Sony F Series Laptop & More Review »

Looking for more gadgets to drool over? Kevin Pereira has some right here from CES 2010, like the PopBox media streaming device, the new Sony F Series laptop with its TX7 digital camera companion and the iHome iA5 dock for your iPhone. He also demonstrates the Kodak Slice digital camera with its touch screen features. Ooooh, shiny.

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CES 2010: Samsung NX10 Hybrid DSLR, HP TouchSmart tm2 & More »

It's gadgets galore with Alison Haislip who previews the Samsung NX10 Hybrid DSLR with 14.6 mega pixels, the HP TouchSmart tm2 Notebook/Tablet computer, and the HTC HD2 Phone that's thinner than the iPhone. Plus, she's also got the Barnes & Noble Nook eReader.

Ugh. Alison is right. All of a sudden, our shiny new gadgets here at home seem pretty shabby.

Check back tomorrow for more coverage from CES 2010! 

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CES 2010: Google Nexus One, Olympus Stylus & More »

Check out the products that Kevin Pereira managed to get his hands on at CES 2010, including the Google Nexus One phone, the Olympus Stylus Tough-3000 digital camera, the sleek Lenovo U1 Hybrid Laptop/Tablet computer, the shiny LG LED 8500 HDTV and more!

Is it too early to start a Christmas wish list? The CES 2010 coverage continues tomorrow, January 8th, on Attack of the Show, starting at 7:00p ET.

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Live from CES 2010! Boxee Box, LG eXpo Phone & More »

When most people descend upon Sin City, it's for the gambling and girls. When nerds visit, it's probably because the International CES show is going on.

This explains why Chris Hardwick and Olivia Munn discover Kevin Periera having way too much fun in Las Vegas. Here he has a first look at the long awaited Boxee Box, a cool LG eXpo projector phone, the 60 gig Canon HF S21 camcorder and...A LAMP! (No, really.)

Attack of the Show's coverage of CES 2010 will be back tomorrow, Jan 8th at 7:00p.

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CES 2010 Coming in January

It's here! Attack of the Show's live coverage of CES 2010 begins tonight at 7P. This means Kevin Pereira & Alison Haislip will be reporting from the floor with latest and hottest new technology from around the world, including 3D televisions, tablet computers and innovative phones.

Get ready to watch our nerd takeover of Sin City, all live tonight on G4!

For additional CES 2010 coverage, be sure to keep your eyes on G4TV.com's CES Blog!

CES 2010 Coming January 7 & 8

Posted December 10, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

CES 2010 Coming in January

Brace yourself. Attack of the Show will be exclusively covering the International Consumer Electronics Show on January 7th and 8th, 2010. That means Kevin Pereira will be covering the coolest and hottest new tech from around the world, as well as taking an exclusive look at the year's most innovative gadgets, gears and gizmos.

So clear your calendars and get ready to watch. Our nerd takeover of Sin City takes place on January 7th & 8th, 2010 at 7:00PM ET.

For additional CES 2010 coverage, be sure to keep your eyes on G4TV.com's CES Blog!

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