Resident Evil Vs. Tokyo Game Show 2012 Hands-On Preview -- Resident Evil Goes Social

Resident Evil Vs. Tokyo Game Show 2012 Hands-On Preview -- Resident Evil Goes Social

By Nikole Zivalich - Posted Sep 20, 2012

Resident Evil Vs. is a third-shooter for smartphones. Resident Evil, or BioHazard, as it’s known in Japan, will soon be making its way to the mobile platform thanks to publisher GREE. If you’re not familiar with GREE, then you’re not paying attention to the mobile games market.

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Resident Evil Vs. puts gamers into the role of Chris Redfield, at least it did in the demo I played at Tokyo Game Show 2012. The trailer playing above the booth showed a handful of familiar characters, but the most famous Resident Evil characters seemed to be absent. As I played a noticed the enemies weren’t zombies infected by the T-virus, the common thread that ties all RE games together, the enemies were other humans, several of which can be traced back to past RE games.

Armed with an automatic rifle, a pistol and an RPG, I controlled Chris as he attempted to survive the map. Using my left hand’s index finger I used the touch screen to move via a motion activated joystick. With my right index finger I could control the camera and the direction Chris ran. Since the iPhone screen was small, this often meant my own fingers got in the way of the screen. This combined with the touch-activated bullet button in the right corner, meant I spent a lot of time stuck in a corner.

When I wasn't running into the wall, I was chasing down baddies. Men in riot gear, a blond Wekser-esque man (it may have been) made up most of the enemies chasing me. Using the bullet icon to take out my foes proved to be a bit of a challenge at first but I eventually got that hang of it. Getting the hang of it happened at around the time I discovered the RPG, so I think that helped.

Since the demo and signage around me was in Japanese, I couldn’t get a sense of Resident Evil Vs’ story. It seems to play out similar to Resident Evil Mercenaries in that you’re fighting waves of human enemies, rather than a story based game with zombies.

To answer your question, yes you can run and shoot, but you can’t run and reload. My aim was often off and this meant reloading while an enemy continued to shoot. RE:VS isn’t cover based, so being left out like that means you’re going to be vulnerable to attacks.

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Visually, I was very impressed Resident Evil Vs. The game looked on par with the Nintendo DS as far as graphics go and the art style felt like a RE game. Don’t expect a cartoony experience with RE:Vs., it’s dark, bloody and despite the lack of undead, still feels creepy.