Fieldrunners 2 Preview from E3 2012 -- Time to Double Check Those Pacemakers

Fieldrunners 2 Preview from E3 2012 -- Time to Double Check Those Pacemakers

By Rob Manuel - Posted Jun 14, 2012

The iPhone classic returns with Fieldrunners 2. The sequel to the turret defense game that got our fingers tapping brings more modes, more environments, and more of those little soldiers running at you from out of nowhere.

Before those birds lost their temper, the original Fieldrunners put turret defense on your iOS device and the fate of your base in the palm of your hand. Place the towers where you think they’ll do the most damage, and they’ll do the rest. As long as you can keep an ever-flowing stream of runners from reaching their goal, you win.

Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 takes the concept and expands on it in practically every way while still keeping the original tower defense mechanics. Players move along different areas and through four very distinct sections of the map, from grasslands to deserts and even to some darker areas. The good gents over at Subatomic Studios wanted to give players a sense of progression rather than the same slog as you face countless forces.

In addition to changing the look of the sections, they’ve changed and added to each of the playing areas, given each their own challenges and personality. Ramps and bridges allow for different elevations and new strategies to emerge. Some sections come with environmental hazards that will damage runners if you move their path over the sections.

Speaking of which, the paths of these little soldiers are easier than ever to see on the screen before they even hit the ground running. Placing a tower in their path will instantly show you changes in their course. While paused, you can quickly make decisions and sell your towers back for full price if you’re the kind who likes to play around with strategies. Once you start the game again, however, towers lose a little value before you sell them back, so choose wisely.

Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 throws out some new game modes to keep you on your toes or fingertips. Sudden Death mode gives you five minutes to take on 150 enemies before time runs out. Time Trial, on the other hand, keeps the clock moving even when the game is paused. Puzzle mode gives you a limited number of turrets to stop the coming horde.

New tower upgrades come from earning enough coin in the game while you unlock towers as you rank up in harder difficulties. And you’ll need everything you can throw at them if you want to take out new units like medics that heal those around them or jeeps that break open to reveal more men as soon as you take them out. Even the AI of the standard troops lets them spread out in order to make a crowd harder to tackle.

Subatomic Studios already plans to support Fieldrunners 2 like the original with more content even after the game’s release. Get ready to go back into battle later this year with Fieldrunners 2 hitting the iPhone and iPad soon.