'Thrillville: Off The Rails' Game Preview

'Thrillville: Off The Rails' Game Preview

By Frank Meyer - Posted Sep 29, 2007

Go Off The Rails with Thrillville, the latest in LucasArts’ build-your-own rollercoaster franchise.

In Thrillville: Off The Rails, you get to create your own behemoth adventure rides and defy the laws of logic and gravity in the process. LucasArts Sr. Producer Shara Miller gives you an in-depth look into the inspiration and perspiration that went into this high-octane game.

But don’t forget to bring a barf-bag, as there’s so much twists and turns that you may be stepping over piles of vomit as you cruise your themepark. Seriously, there’s lots of puke. Really. You’ll love it.

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