Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Preview

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Preview

By Joe Paulding - Posted Aug 31, 2007

For nearly a decade, the Tony Hawk franchise has ruled the skateboarding videogame genre. But this year, real competition has presented itself in the form of EA's Skate, a new franchise that hopes to pick off some of Tony Hawk's devoted fanbase. 

However, the developers at Neversoft are not about to let any upstart gaming franchise encroach on their territory, at least not without a fight. With a slew of new features including three different classes of skaters, eight new abilities, and a top notch video editor, Proving Ground could be the best Tony Hawk game yet.

The game's Project Director, Chad Findley, chatted  with us in detail about the new features, so lend him your ear, why don't ya.

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