CHEAT!'s Back With All New Episodes

CHEAT!'s Back With All New Episodes

By - Posted Mar 20, 2007

CHEAT! keeps the codes rolling with all new episodes dedicated to the latest and greatest the gaming world has to offer.  Keep watching for cheats, tips, and codes for all your favorites like God of War 2, Crackdown, and Burning Crusade.  Join Kristin Holt and embrace your inner cheater!  Tune in 4PM ET Mondays.

Episode 7001

This week on Cheat, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, but when you cheat with us, I promise it will remain our little secret. We’ve got the tips that will help you take down the terrorists Rainbow Six: Vegas, and we’ll help you turn off the lights in Elebits.

Episode 7002

Break out those slap bracelets, dig up those hyper color shirts, and stock up on some Tab. This week, it’s an all retro-gaming episode of Cheat and we’ve got the tricks to keep you winning through the nostalgia. Doom, Lemmings, Metal Slug and more, all on this totally tubular retro episode of Cheat!

Episode 7003

Un-holster those automatic machine guns, because today on Cheat our business is artillery, and business is good. We’ll give you some ideas on how to stay warm through Lost Planet, as well as combine your love for ballistics and pagan religious rituals in Bullet Witch. Remember, guns don’t kill people, you do, with our help. Only on Cheat!


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