Shoot This!

Shoot This!

By DVinson - Posted Dec 19, 2006

Kevin Pereira is headed to the gun range this week to shoot some s**t. Literally. Like different stuff with different guns.

You, the loyal viewers, get to decide what he'll shoot and with which gun it will get shot.

We've got a whole slew of exciting targets, along with an impressive range of firearms, for you to choose from.

So choose wisely, won't you?

Then, tune in Friday, Dec. 22nd @ 7PM ET to find out which gun and which item won the poll! Vote now! 

What gun should Kevin use?

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You're only halfway there...
Now go vote for the item Kevin should shoot!

Now vote for the unlucky item that Kevin should shoot with the gun you've chosen for him!

What should Kevin shoot?

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Remember, tune in Friday, Dec. 22nd @ 7PM ET to find out which gun and which item wins!

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