Ridin' Thru Traffic With Sen Dog Of The Reyes Bros.

Ridin' Thru Traffic With Sen Dog Of The Reyes Bros.

By - Posted Nov 02, 2006

When I think of hip hop, I think of lowriders and whips. When I think of the Latin rap scene, I think of Cypress Hill. When I think of Cypress Hill, I think of Sen Dog. And when I think of Sen Dog, now I think of The Reyes Bros., his new group with real-life blood brother Mellow Man Ace. See where I’m going with this?

Street Fury had a chance to talk to Sen Dog about his favorite rides, ridin’ motorcycles, and the new video for the Reyes Bros. single “Traffic,” which features lots of fast cars and hot girls. Enjoy!Sen Dog Reyes Bros Cypress Hill

STREET FURY: Hey, The Reyes Bros. just shot a video for “Traffic” off your album Ghetto Therapy, right?

SEN DOG: Yeah, we sure did. We shot it in Compton. It was a beautiful time for everybody who showed up. It was incredible, ripping and running 80-miles per hour in traffic, and just showing that whole get-down.

STREET FURY: Did you have lots of cars and stuff in the video?

SEN DOG: Yeah, definitely. We had the lowriders going on, and the Chrysler 300s and the Magnums, big 4x4 trucks and whatnot.

STREET FURY: What kinda of rides are guys rockin’ these days?

SEN DOG: I roll a ’05 Yukon and I got a ’83 Buick Regal lowrider style, but my thing that I really dig the most is my Harley Davidson 2003. That’s what I get my kicks out of riding, right there.

Sen Dog Reyes Bros Cypress Hill

STREET FURY: So you’re a motorcycle rider?

SEN DOG: Yeah, definitely.

STREET FURY: That’s interesting. When I think of Cypress Hill, for some reason I think of lowriders.

SEN DOG: Yeah, I think both of those cultures go together. Somehow they tie in with each other. You see a lot of cats that are into the lowrider scene or whatever are also big motorcycle enthusiasts. So it kind of goes hand in hand. I’ve noticed a lot of hip-hoppers are into the speed bikes and all that stuff, which, when I first got into motorcycles, that’s what I was ridin’. Suzukis Jigsters and stuff, and I as I got older, I mellowed out and graduated to the whole Harley Davidson cruiser scene, know what I mean?

STREET FURY: You got homies you ride with on a regular basis?

SEN DOG: Yeah! I got my friends, some of the cats I grew up with, like a little crew. We go here, we go there, go places and do things together. I wouldn’t call it a gang or anything like that, it’s just cats that like to get their ride on during the weekends. Now we’re all older and trying to take advantage of the better things in life, you know?

STREET FURY: You bet I do!

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