Titan Quest

Titan Quest

By - Posted Aug 23, 2006

Still waiting for Diablo 3? Make yourself comfortable. Or you could get your next quick-click fix with a mythological skin in THQ’s Titan Quest.  It’s a huge game, with endless possibilities – if you choose the right character.  Here are two tips on how to create powerful characters to plow through the game. 

Log in and level up and you’ll have eight different mastery attributes to choose from: Warfare, Defense, Hunting, Rogue, Nature, Earth, Storm, and Spirit.  All you need is a little bit of Heart and you’ll summon Captain Planet.

Is defense your game? Pick that as your main mastery. Your shield will deflect attacks and disable enemies, and you’ll pick other abilities – like regenerative adrenaline and the towering colossus form – as you play.

You can pick a second mastery after level eight, and here’s where the strategy comes in. The combination of nature and defense will enhance your counter and healing ability. The nature mastery will also let you summon a wolf companion or a sylvan nymph. She’s more than just a pretty pair of wings – that nymph can enchant and strengthen your allies in battle, making her a valuable asset.  Use these allies as distractions and use your long range attacks.  

Not enough action you say? Begin the game with the more aggressive earth mastery and you’ll have all the power of earth enchantment at your disposal.  You will have the ability to use Earth Enchantments to empower your weapons. Combine this, after level 8, with storm as your second mastery and you’ve got game, wielding the fearsome storm surge to damage nearby enemies.

May the gods be with you, warrior. Now get outta here.

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