CHEAT! Kingdom Hearts 2

CHEAT! Kingdom Hearts 2

By - Posted Aug 22, 2006

What’s that thing you’re carrying? You call that a Keyblade? That thing couldn’t cut the cheese.

Here’s how to score a real Keyblade – the Ultima Keyblade.

First up, swipe the recipe from the basement of the haunted mansion. You’ll find this late in the game when you search for the entrance to the World That Never Was.

With the help of a Moogle translation, you’ll quickly realize that some of the items are scarcer than a girl at a LAN party.  I mean, come on! 13 Orichalcum Pluses? this is ridiculous. But don’t worry -  if you’re Moogle level 2 or greater, you can attach an Energy Crystal and cut the required elements in half.  Along with the Orichalcum Pluses you need one regular Orichalcum, a Mythril Crystal, a Dense Crystal, Twilight Crystal and four Serenity Crystals.

Now off you go on an item hunt. As you gather synthesis items, make sure to equip as many of them as you can with the LUCKY LUCKY ability. It’s really the only way to obtain the Ultima Keyblade.

Three of the Orichalcum Pluses are hidden in treasure chests throughout the game. Keep your eyes peeled for them – especially when visiting the Space Paranoids Central Computer Mesa, or the Brink of Despair in The World That Never Was. And when you visit Sunset Terrace in Twilight Town as Sora, check the roof of the building next to the tram. Voila! Three down, four to go.

Complete the last song in Atlantica and the Starry Hill level of the 100 Acre Wood you’ll add two more Orichalcum Pluses to your stock. 

Now here’s where things get tricky:  Win the Goddess of Fate Cup challenge in the Underdrome for a chance to pick up another Oricalchum Plus.

Round 6 of the cup is the most difficult – you’ll only have 30 seconds to beat a Large Body and Fat Bandit. Use your full swing reaction command to turn these two into a pile of orbs before taking on the big boss.

Prepare to face the Lord of Darkness. No, not Dick Cheney – it’s Hades himself. Hack away at him with a series of quick attacks and pocket your prize.

Now here’s where that Lucky Lucky ability comes into play. There are 50 types of crystals in this game, and you’ll need one of each to obtain your seventh Oricalchum Plus. But with Lucky Lucky equipped, you’ll easily collect them from characters you encounter.

The only thing that you might be missing at this point is a few of the Sereneity Crytals but these are easily obtained off Nobodies in the World That Never Was.  Now take all these crystals and shards to a Moggle and they will whip you up one Ultima Weapon. 


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