CHEAT! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

CHEAT! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

By - Posted Aug 22, 2006

I dunno… somehow I doubt that this yutz in the orange track suit is an actual ninja.

“Believe it! I’m a Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!”

Okay, okay, so you’re a ninja?
“Believe it!”

Oh, ninja please.

“Yeah, Believe it!”

Drop your chuks and grab your joysticks – it’s time for Ninja training with Naruto – Ultimate Ninja.

“Okay I’ll join you in your training, Believe it”

See those 8 empty slots in the startup screen? Those unlockable characters are some of the gnarliest ninjas, including Cursed Marked Sasuke and Kyubbi Naruto, which are only available in the North American edition.  Here’s how to get at them.

Start out in story mode, with any of those first six characters. We picked Naruto.
“Thanks for waiting I’m finally on, Believe It!!”

Only because he is the most well rounded of your starting six. Trust me, it wasn’t because we liked that catch phrase.

“Stop your whining believe it!”

After you beat story mode with one of the original 6 characters you unlock Neji who has that attitude of an emo kid, a dead llama and your friendly neighborhood nihilist.   

Go back to story mode and play through Neji’s scenario. Beat that and you unlock Hinata. Play her scenario to unlock Haku, who unlocks Zabuza, who unlocks Gaara, who unlocks Orochimaru.

Now I know that looks like a long grind, but you’re going to need some of these characters to help you through mission mode.

In mission mode you have to meet certain objectives. Like beat opponents with a certain amount of health within a certain amount of time.  Some of these objectives become quite insane and you’re going to need characters you’ve unlocked like Zabuza and Orochimaru who have a long reach and deal high amounts of damage.

Once you’ve obtained 500 experience points you gain Chunin rank and you unlock Cursed Marked Sasuke.
(Need to connect sentence above with sentence below somehow)
Now for the big prize – Kyubbi Naruto. You’ll need all the strength and skill the Cursed Marked one has to beat all the B-Rank missions and unlock your main man. Or in this case, a fox.

“Believe it!”

A fox without an annoying catch phrase. That’s something worth fighting for. Believe it!

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