CHEAT! Chrome Hounds

CHEAT! Chrome Hounds

By - Posted Aug 22, 2006

No, ChromeHounds isn't the name of some new indie-rock band all your friends pretend to like.  They're actually gigantic robots that you control in the battlefield of the future, and despite how this flashy trailer makes them seem, these “hounds” can be a pain to maneuver.  Well, never fear my friends, Cheat is here to walk you through one of the hardest missions:  “Soldier: Level Six.”

[“Mercenary we've received a report that there’s an enemy base camp at Point H6.  Destroy it and we can turn the tide of this battle.”]  This episode is particularly tricky, because you have to defend military commander Silvy Bernard’s base while venturing deep into the field to destroy the bad guys’ camp.
[“We'll provide backup, but try to take down as many enemy units that head our way as you can, too.”]  Yeah, sure you’ll back us up.  Seriously though gamers, don’t expect much help from your gal-pal.  Unless, of course, you count “panicking” as “help.” [“Enemy reinforcements detected! Hurry up and destroy their headquarters!”] 
As soon as the level starts, immediately head west to intercept five spider-like sniping bots.  [“Mercenary our soldiers are dying! We need you to hold back the enemy!”]  Calm down, already.  We’re on it.  [Sniper explodes]

Once you’ve helped out your friends, it’s time to head south, following the main road while blowing up a group of hovercraft.  Watch closely:  As soon as you see them come to a stop, it’s time to move on to your next victim.  [Hovercraft explodes]

Once you’ve killed those losers, cut to the east and head for the hills to reach higher ground.  Remember, in ChromeHounds, elevation makes it easier for you to hit your targets, so follow Dave Chapelle’s advice and stay as high as you possibly can. 

Walk south, but keep your eye on the road to the right.  Each one of those bad guys is headed right for your base camp. 

You're gonna encounter a lot of troops passing you by, so switch between your weapons in rapid succession to make the most of your artillery.  Just be sure that you stay on the move.  Remember, you’re on a time limit here. 

Once you clear the hill, you should be able to see your goal off in the distance.  Head to the base at H6 and start laying down bombs at the base of the uh… well… the base. 

You can kill some of the bad guys nearby, but focus on circling the fort as you unload your artillery into the sides of the building.  Before you know it, their headquarters… will be history.   [Explosion]

When you pass the level, you’re treated to this pessimistic report by Silvy:  [“Looks like we managed to survive somehow...”]  Uh oh, sounds like Silvy’s a “glass is half empty” type.  Aw, cheer up, lady:  We just beat one of the toughest levels the world of ChromeHounds has to offer.  

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