CHEAT! New Super Mario Brothers DS

CHEAT! New Super Mario Brothers DS

By - Posted Aug 21, 2006

New Super Mario Brothers packs a ton of secrets and hidden levels into the tiny DS package. And I’m here to help you find them all.

Use that mini-mushroom trick I showed you earlier and you’re ready to unlock worlds four.

First, beat the mummipokey boss in world four with mini-Mario. Stomp his head twice, then equip your mini-mushroom. Now give him one more boot to the head and beat it to the next room. You’ll fall through a crack in the floor and into world four.

In a rush to save the Princess? Use the item trick we talked about earlier to get a blue shell for a quick warp trip straight to Bowser. In the middle of the tower in world one, right after the checkpoint, jump into the launch pipe to reach the hidden door. You’ll land in a room with moving blocks and a star coin. Jump up to the top right and slip between the moving blocks. Then use your blue shell to break through, and you’ve unlocked the cannon to world five.

Now hightail it to the ghost house and find the three-block ledge on the left side of the screen. Jump up to find the three hidden blocks, and stand on the middle one. Squat down and jump to make the beanstalk grow, but watch out for the punching ghost. Enter the door and ride the platform to the top. Grab the flagpole to unlock the warp cannon and its hello Bowser – you’re now on world eight. The princess is as good as saved.

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