CHEAT! Hitman: Blood Money

CHEAT! Hitman: Blood Money

By - Posted Aug 21, 2006

It isn't easy earning the top rank in Hitman: Blood Money. And once you do, you'd better keep your mouth shut about it.  As a Silent Assassin, you can never be seen, heard or be traced. This means no witnesses, no unnecessary casualties and it even means retrieving your suit when the day's work is done.

One of the busiest levels of the game, Murder of Crows, puts you in the middle of Mardi Gras with three targets to take out: Raymond, Angelina and the big boss, Purayah.  That's a few thousand witnesses, even if they are all drunk.  But don't stress, here are the killer codes.

To begin you'll want to equip that trusty Silverballer to pistol-whip the non-mission targets.

Start by following the red bird, who is also carrying the case you need, on his way to the street.  He will either walk left to a small alley behind the hotel, or right toward a larger alley between the Rocker and Latino Bars.  Keep your eye on him but also your distance.  Once he's in an alley, pistol-whip him, steal his costume and dump the body. Oh, and don't forget the case.

Head northwest and you'll find a yellow bird man guarding a door.  Purayah is behind that door and up a flight of stairs. Show the yellow bird your case to get in, then spike the upstairs guard with a sedative. Drag him out of sight, then deal Purayah a lethal injection at his desk.  Grab a walkie-talkie, the case and off you go.

Now use your map to locate Angelina and follow her into a back alley and give her a fibre-wire necklace.   Remember to not be seen and find a good place to dispose of the body.  Grab your case and Angelina's walkie-talkie to find your final target, Raymond.

Raymond will randomly spawn in one of three locations; the Rocker Bar, Latino Bar or the Blues Bar.

If Raymond is at the Rock Bar head on over to the alley next to the bar, climb the crates in the back, and crawl through the window. You might run into a waiter taking out the trash.  Pistol-whip him good or else he'll tattle on you.

Once inside, head down to the dance floor.  You'll find a door leading to a bathroom and kitchen area with another door that's locked.  Wait for the cook to walk away before picking the lock and run to the third floor.  If Raymond is up here take him out with your remaining poison needle or just use your fibre-wire.  Don't forget the case on your way out while you're retrieving your suit and head for the exit.

But sometimes Raymond spawns in the Latino or Blues Bar, in which case you'll need a waiter's disguise.  Find him inside either bar and take him out before he shoots the VIP.

If you were 100% successful the headlines will read "Silent Assassin" and you're now the police's #1 hitman.

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