Miss AOTS Vegas 2006

Miss AOTS Vegas 2006

By - Posted Aug 14, 2006

Attack of the Show's epic trek to Las Vegas just wouldn't be complete without girls. Lots and lots of hot girls. Here's your chance to exercise your ever important right to vote and pick your favorite who will be crowned Miss AOTS Vegas 2006!

All week live on the show, these girls will be competing head-to-head for you vote, so take a look at the bios below to get a sense of personality. Be sure to tune in to check out all the different events, including the swimsuit competition, a talent contest and and an interview. Then come back here and vote for you favorite!

Be sure to check back to this page all week for more indepth, web exclusive interviews with each girl, along with photo galleries filled with pictures you'll only be able to see here at attackoftheshow.com.

Now, to the hotties!

Samantha #1

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Age: 26

Quote: "Niceness never hurt anyone."

Jessica #2

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Age: 26

Quote: “So here I am in vegas! It only gets better from here!”

Sign: Virgo

About Jessica: She is down to Earth and there's not much she doesn't like. She's been featured as a model in FHM and an actress in The Longest Yard and The Break-Up

Jasmine #3

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Age: 23

Quote: "Life is a game. You either need a good game or a good partner."

Sign: Capricorn

About Jasmine: She was born and raised in Las Vegas and ran track in high school. She'd like to meet Genuwine again because she's had a crush on him since the sixth grade.

Courtney #4

Hometown: Tallmadge, OH

Age: 22

Quote: "Resist everything in life except temptation."

Sign: Aquarius

About Courtney: When she drinks she's a huge lightweight and starts to get the giggles after just a few drinks. If you are one of the people who has had the privilege of seeing her trashed, you know that beyond the point of giggles, anything is possible.

Jessi #5

Hometown: Kingsport, TN

Age: 22

Quote: “Everything happens for a reason...”

Sign: Gemini

About Jessi: She loves to be surrounded by happy, goal oriented people. She also likes going to the beach, fishing, camping, and anything to do with motorcycles, stunt shows, fourwheelers, FMX and dirtbikes.



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