Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet

By - Posted Aug 11, 2006

Some straight-edge band somewhere a long time ago had the cry, "Yr only young once DON’T F*** IT UP!!"  It made a lot of sense to the legions who back-flipped off local stages in agreement. Some kids just got a creative inner coil switched to blast furnace temps and the only thing they can do is dedicate their youth to rock n roll. Be Your Own PET are a case in point. Nothing’s gonna stop 'em. Four friends (3 dudes, 1 femme) get together in Nashville basement and compare notes. Likes: caffeine, spicy food, T Rex, Television, bicycles, Iggy & the Stooges, skateboarding, Afri Rampo, sea horses, Velvet Underground, asthma inhalers, Animal Collective. Dislikes: boredom, posers, posers, boredom, flat tires, runny eggs, lameness, boredom. Actually boredom’s pretty cool cuz then you can SMASH IT! Be Your Own Pet smash through it all. Jemina Pearl’s voice is a wild wonder whipping through the motorcycle guitar thrash of buddy Jonas Stein and landing on the wicked beat/note interplay of rhythm monsters Nathan Vasquez (bass) and Jamin Orrall (drums). It all started sort of in 2003 when Jamin’s bro Jake played bass and they were called the Night Shift Nurses. 1st gigs were at Guido's Pizza and a local coffee joint called Bongo Java. Jake split to Evergreen State and Nathan came in with a seriously killer amp-blasting concept and a most excellent ‘fro. The basement-released CDR "Damn Damn Leash"was an instant fireball anthem and an MP3 fell into the hands of Zane Lowe of BBC Radio One. London label XL Recordings re-released it with an extra track and more hearts were ignited. The band continue to play local freak scenes with their coterie of friends and fans going ballistic. Small house parties are where the energy develops. Lucky for the rest of us they like to get in the van and cruise outta town. They destroyed and dominated 2004’s CMJ in New York and subsequently South By Southwest.. Rough Trade UK were in attendance, tongues dripping with rock juice, and released a single. Next move was to record an LP and Steve McDonald of Redd Kross manned the controls. What has blown forth is a street party of artful punk and beauty. Jemina shines, her voice at once in flames and then achingly sweet. To hear Jonas’ guitar is to hear sublime awesomeness and Jamin’s drumming is incredible, the dude’s been playing since he was like 1 years old. Nathan pushes and pulls the whole deal with amazing bass rock action. This record flat out destroys, a revolution jam for 2006! Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore had been following the band since ordering their 1st  CDR on the web when it was released in 2004. And now his label Ecstatic Peace / Universal will release this newest landmine June 6. Preceding this will be an EP of the Rough Trade single tracks + 2 tracks from the Steve McDonald demo sessions, released in April.

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