Olivia Munn Bio

Olivia Munn Bio

By - Posted Jun 08, 2006

Olivia Munn was born in Oklahoma and raised in Japan, so she's used to blending cultures. On Attack of the Show, Munn is blending her mainstream sensibility with the wired geekiness of AOTS. She also co-hosts Formula D, where she gets to explore her love of cars, drifting and high-octane adventures.

Before landing the hosting job on AOTS, Munn did a lot of commercial work and print modeling. She was a sidelines reporter for Fox Sports, covering college football and womens’ basketball courtside. Munn also starred in The N's upcoming teen-surfer drama Beyond the Break starring as a Mily Acuna, a tough surfer chick. Munn will be appearing on the big screen in Rob Schneider's new comedy Big Stan in 2007, but her main focus is bringing her quick wit and take-no-prisoners attitude to Attack of the Show.

"I'm a sarcastic person," Munn told us. "I'm bringing a different angle to the show. A new look, a new breath...I’m focused on doing the job and doing it great."

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