Star Trek: The Next Generation Essential Buyers' Guide

Star Trek: The Next Generation Essential Buyers' Guide

By - Posted Jan 06, 2006

Whether you've collected every episode of the series on VHS tape or you're a Star Trek: The Next Generation newbie, there's tons of fun to be found in collecting. Of course, you've got the usual--action figures in various sizes and degrees of quality, fan T-shirts, posters and the like--but here are some items that are sure to delight.


Star Trek: The Next Generation costumesNext Generation costumes - Whether you plan to star in your own fan film or merely be the best-dressed at your masquerade ball, you can find Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes in almost every size for everyone in your family.

StarTrek.com's official Cafepress store - The ultimate resource for Star Trek fan shirts, ranging from geeky to hilarious.

Reading Material

Klingon DictionaryDeath in Winter - Written by Michael Jan Friedman, this novel takes place in the Next Generation timeline after the film Star Trek: Nemesis and features every fan's greatest fear--a character death.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda - Though probably many hardcore fans have memorized every minute detail of the series, there's always more to learn, so check out this book to get the details on the schematics of a "Galaxy-class starship" and the technology behind the fiction.

The Klingon Dictionary - While fluency in Klingon may not exactly earn you a position in the Foreign Service, it's a certain badge of pride for many Star Trek fans. Educate yourself in time for the next convention.

Star Trek Collectors Guides - With several volumes available, you can refer to these handy guides to determine which of your collectibles is treasure and which is trash, and what you should be looking out for.


Lt. Worf Lifesize Standup - Because every hardcore fan needs to feel like they're part of the action, nothing will ensure you have sweet dreams at night like a lifesize cutout of everyone's favorite Klingon.

Star Trek: the Next Generation bustsStar Trek Busts - You know how some folks like to display busts of important historical figures? Well, you can show everyone who's important in your life with these limited edition busts (waiting list required to buy most of these).

Star Trek Collectibles - Sometimes it's just not worth combing through eBay for those special items that are no longer in print, but you can find rare collectors' items on sites such as these.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Foreign Language Header Card Set - If you're a collector of Star Trek: the Next Generation trading cards and you're studying a foreign language, it might be fun to get this pack of cards that say the equivalent of "Where no man has gone before" in French, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese.

Star Trek: The Next Generation checksNext Generation Phaser Replica - It may cost a pretty penny, but who wouldn't want to have an accurate replica of the phasers used on the show?

Starbase1.com - Home to a wide selection of official cast photos, action figures, uniforms, and collector plates from all Star Trek series.

Star Trek checks - Live long and demonstrate your prosperity by using these checks for all your banking needs.

Star Trek: The Next Generation 15th Anniversary Greeting Card Set - Featuring some of the most beautiful and memorable images from the show, these cards are great for everyone.

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