WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 Tips

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 Tips

By - Posted Sep 04, 2006

I. Picking Your Character

Know your strengths, pick a character to match them

  • Button mashers: Choose Brawlers (John Cena, Stone Cold)
  • Strategists: Choose Grapplers/Submissions (Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle)
  • If you just want to embarass your friends, use Eugene

II. Know Your Moves

If it's your first time playing with a character, you might want to browse through their moves in the "Create-a-Move List"

  • Find out what position you need to be in to execute your finishers.
  • If you're in a lower weight division (Rey Mysterio, Paul London, Tajiri), taking on a heavy or super heavy weight, you'll want to stick with more strikes, high flying moves and quick moves. You don't want to have all your moves reversed.

III. Know Your Match, Stipulations

Have a strategy going in

  • If it's a cage/buried alive/table match, don't waste time with pinfalls
  • Submissions matches: focus on one part of the body
  • First Blood match: focus on the head

IV. In-Match Tactics

Keep your stamina up

When your opponent is down, press select to refill your stamina until he gets up

  • If your stamina is full, toggle the right analog stick to taunt. It will not only elicit a reaction from the crowd, but it will give you more momentum.

Keep your momentum going

  • If your momentum is full, you can execute or store a finisher. Executing it will make it stronger, but storing it is convenient in case you lose momentum later in the match.
  • If you have a finisher stored and a full momentum meter, you can press L1 and L2 to steal your opponents finisher.
  • I like to store my finishers unless I think executing it off the bat can end the match quickly.

Use your stipulations and environment to your advantage

  • You can do diving moves off pretty much anything (tables, ring apron, barricades, stage, etc.) Do it. Gives the match some diversity.
  • I try to use a ladder as much as possible. It's just good sportsmanship.

V. Create a Wrestler

Smackdown allows you to have up to 30 split personalities. Know them well.

Give your character a nice balance of strong moves and quick moves.

  • You start off with low stats, so if you come into a match with all strong moves, they're going to get countered. You need a move set that will wear your opponent down, and then finish him off.

My finishing move is usually the Razor's Edge (crucifix powerbomb). It's strong and if you set it up correctly, it can put your opponent through a table while standing on the ground. (It looks cool.)

VI. Season Mode and Money Management

Watch the ref. There've been a few times I've been extremely close to a victory, only to come off the top rope and knock out the ref on the way down, getting myself disqualified. In Season mode, you can't have a rematch if you lose.

You can use the money you accumulate in Season to purchase Legends, attires, and Locker Room accessories, in addition to Ability points that can be given to a created wrestler. Choose accordingly.

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