Review: AudioFX Headphones

Review: AudioFX Headphones

By Dana Wood - Posted Aug 25, 2005

From the sweet hum of the Halo theme to the awesome bass bumping explosions in Close Combat, gaming just wouldn’t be the same without the audio. When it comes down to it, though, your roommate/parent/significant other/gerbil probably dreads when you bust out the subwoofer as you settle down for a long night of gaming. To quiet your furry friend’s qualms only takes a trip to the nearest electronics store and about fifty bucks for a set of eDimensional’s AudioFX force feedback headphones.

My Head is Vibrating
Pushing your gaming experience to the next level, force feedback is the name of the game for the AudioFX. When you blast a zombie’s head off, not only will you hear a gut-wrenching tear but the headphones vibrate to the beat of the carnage. A small dial on the headset allows you to adjust the sensitivity so the headphones won’t rumble unnecessarily, say when a pack of Jeeps rolls up. When not gaming, you can even turn off the force-feedback if you find it too distracting.

Although serving no real purpose, flashing activity lights (more lights mean more action) on the side add a bling factor to make you the envy of all at your weekly LAN party.

Listen Up
Like any typical gaming headset, the AudioFX loops over your head and a stick mic extends from the left side. Although not the best headsets we’ve ever heard, the AudioFX provides quality sound. While the intense bass gives the listener a real sense of depth, sounds do get lost in the high ends. Explosions are amazingly real, but an artillery barrage is less then impressive. Fortunately, most gaming sounds live in the mid-range and the AudioFX reigns supreme in that area.

Talk to Me
Fully adjustable with a 120 degree range of motion, the highly sensitive microphone captures your voice for issuing commands to your buddies in your next Battlefield 2 mission. Although it does pick up some background noise, the foam surrounding prevents distortion (good for heavy breathers).

Fat Head Optional
Light and sturdy, the headphones comfortably fit over even the fattest of heads, extending well past any human-sized head width. Well padded for comfort, the indented cup where your ear fits is small and most regular to large ears will be cut off by the surrounding insulation and tend to heat up very fast–not suited for long-term use.

Good Vibrations
AudioFX HeadphonesThese headphones offer superior features, considering their low price. The mic and rumble effects bring interactive gaming to a new level. Although not great for extended wear, they are a quality piece of equipment.

Pros: Force feedback works well; good bass; good value; sensitive and clear microphone
Cons: Muted high end, uncomfortable for long periods of time

Company: eDimensional (www.edimensional.com)
Price: $49.95
Availability: Now
Category: Gaming peripheral

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