Celebrity-inspired Accessories

Celebrity-inspired Accessories

By - Posted Apr 13, 2005

Crazy gadget accessories only a celebrity would love

From Xbox 360 premiering at an upcoming MTV star-studded show to the Sony PSP being the latest fashion accessory to hit the runway, it’s obvious celebrities and technology go hand-in-hand. And with every must-have gadget amongst the rich and famous, comes plenty of over-the-top, overpriced and utterly unnecessary accessories to go with it. Take a look at some favorites that have made the rounds in Hollywood.      

Sony PSP

When Paris Hilton chooses to carry the Sony PSP over her furry friend Tinkerbell, you know it’s got to be hot. Paris loves to dress up Tink and new pup Bambi for a night on the town, and now she can dress up her PSP too (Paris pic provided by Boomspeed). At the "Pret a PSP" show, fashion designers showed off one-of-a-kind cases for the PlayStation Portable to such stars as Courteney Cox, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Paris’ partner in crime Nicole Richie.

PSP casesDesigner Marc Jacobs created a black leather clutch case for the PSP, Henry Duarte designed a fur-like and leather one, and Kimora Lee Simmons came up with a pure gold case replete with seven carats of yellow and black diamonds—talk about bling-bling.

T-Mobile Sidekick

T-Mobile SidekickJust like celebrities and technology go hand-in-hand, so does bling-bling and Paris Hilton. Paris might have set aside her infamous Sidekick temporarily for the PSP, but she hasn’t forgotten it. Thanks to her friends over at NYC Peach, Paris got her T-Mobile Sidekick customized with enough Swarovski crystals to make it too gaudy to even steal—hack it yes, but stealing it no. And with celebrities like Vin Diesel, Pamela Anderson, Eminem and Christina Aguilera carrying around Sidekicks, Paris surely won’t be the last to think about dressing it up.


Laptop BagEvery celebrity needs a laptop, which in turn means they need a laptop bag. But, does every celebrity need eight of the same laptop bag? Well, apparently actress Demi Moore does and bought eight of these Patrick Laptop bags from Wabag. They come in a slew of vibrant colors and are made from real silk. Why you need a silk laptop bag, let alone eight of them, is anyone’s guess. But, they do fit your laptop nicely and securely by Velcro tabs, and have two outer pockets and a small interior compartment. It’s actually quite pretty and could make a nice gift for a girlfriend, but can’t really see it staying pretty for too long. After a few dirty commuter train rides or sloppy coffee drinking, it’s bound to lose its appeal. Then again, when does a must-have last more than a few weeks in Hollywood anyway?


Ipod AccessoryEven we mere mortals probably have an iPod by now, but do you have too-die-for cases to make your iPod stand out? Paagpak has designed Zen Citrus Asian inspired sleeves that fit your iPod perfectly. A personal tinsel town favorite has to be the Chewbacca Puff, which looks so cuddly. Just make sure someone doesn’t mistake it for a scruffy animal and beat it, along with your iPod, to an unnecessary death.

Ipod AccessoryAnd of course, what would your iPod be without a little touch of Burberry? You can go to Burberry’s online store to buy this luscious gold leather case for around $140.

Ipod AccessoryNow, unless you’re a teen queen on the big screen or a six-year-old girl, you probably won’t be finding the C. Ronson’s iPod hoodie all that flattering. It has all the features of its life-sized original yet scaled down to keep your iPod looking oh-so-cute. So cute, it makes you literally want to hurl. 


Computer/Sofa SetThis last and final accessory is a big one. Big enough to take up half your living room, that is. If you must go all out, why not buy a computer that comes with a sofa. Bluebroc's C-Station is what happens when furniture and technology collide. The idea behind this is to give gadget-obsessed celebs the opportunity to curl up on the couch with a good…computer. You can surf the net, check your email, or watch a downloaded movie all without leaving the couch. Obviously, these people never heard of this crazy portable thing called a laptop. There’s no word on price and availability, but then again can you really put a price tag on such a necessity?  


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