First Look: Tango Electric Car

First Look: Tango Electric Car

By - Posted Feb 01, 2005

Company: Commuter Cars Corporation
Category: Automotive
Price: $75,000

Choked full of concept cars and ’05 debut models, I invariably found myself in Kentia Hall at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show where all the crazy aftermarket car/truck stuff lives. Amid the car wax, sparkling rims and Best Motoring DVDs, I came upon a tiny beauty of a car: the environment friendly Tango all electric vehicle.

Resembling a supped-up Cushman (those meter maid mobiles), the Tango seats two in jet fighter configuration.   The car measures 39” W x 101” L x 60” H, approximately the same size as a Honda Goldwing motorcycle, and weighs about 3000 lbs. In the motorcycle-sized Tango, you won’t ever sit in traffic or search for parking again. It's narrow enough to split lanes and short enough to park like a motorcycle. Despite its diminutive size, Tango takes safety into consideration with a racing style roll cage and 4-point harnesses (driver and passenger).
The Tango isn’t just a box on wheels. With 39” of headroom, I sat comfortably in this tiny marvel – granted I’m only 5’9” but 6-footers should have no problems. With Sparco racing seats, Sparco Lap 5 steering wheel and rocking 13 inch Yokohama racing tires, you and your co-pilot can cruise around looking fresh.  

Aside from good looks, the Tango packs impressive performance into its tiny frame. Check out the bullets:

• Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 4 seconds
• Range: 60-80 miles
• Top speed: 150 MPH
• MPG cost: equivalent to 195 mpg
• Charge time: full charge in less than 3 hours

Now I know you’re wondering how much scrilla you got to scrap together to get your hands on this puppy. Well, get ready to sell everything you got, including the shirt on your back. The hand made, custom-built Tango sports a whopping $75,000 price tag. Cha-ching! That’s a Porsche 911 baby! I know you can’t put a price on time and the environment but I’ll take the Tango based purely on the uniqueness factor. Then again, it is a Porsche. Boy, that’s a tough one. I’ll take one of each please.


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