First Look: Torian Infusion

First Look: Torian Infusion

By - Posted Jan 11, 2005

Aussie company shows off portable Internet radio

If you’ve been to the Consumer Electronic Show, then you know that the show floor is dominated by the monster booths of the big dog companies, with booth babe and celebrities galore. That’s all great and all, but I like to check out the little guys because they usually are the ones with the innovative, slightly off the mainstream technology that I love.

Located in a tent called the Innovative Plus Pod, I found an Australian company, Torian, that had a nifty little device called the Infusion. Looking like a one dial mini Etch-A-Sketch, the Infusion is a portable Internet radio that allows you to listen to any Internet radio broadcast anywhere in the world. With built-in wireless capabilities, the Infusion gets the source over any open wireless Hot Spot via 802.11b/g. With the ability to record (on the fly or scheduled) Internet content and MP3 playback from the integrated memory slot, the Infusion also has a FM receiver for listening to local broadcasts. Estimated price tag will be in the $180-200 range.

I love the idea behind this product because one day I want to be chilling in the Australian Outback having shrimp on the barbe and pounding cans of Fosters and still be able to listen to the Lakers game.

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