Split Personality Movies!

Split Personality Movies!

By - Posted Nov 16, 2004

Inspired by Nintendo DS, we’ve come up with a list some of the wildest, wackiest and most disturbing split, dual and multiple personality movies on the planet! Check it out…

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
The granddaddy of split personality movies, the OG of GOs (Golden Oldies), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the time-honored tale of a nice-guy doctor who drinks a potion that turns him into a monster full of carnal and murderous desires. It’s amazing there hasn’t been a recent remake of this classic ala King Kong, The Fly and The Mummy.

The Three Faces of Eve (1957)
A doctor is treating sweet lil’ Eve White when he discovers that her headaches and occasional blackouts are actually the result of -- yikes! -- multiple personalities! Things just get sexier from there! Under hypnosis, a whole new set of personalities emerge, such as nice-girl Jane and wild, fun-loving Eve Black. Meow!

Psycho (1960)
Maverick director Alfred Hitchcock took the concept of split-personalities, added a shower and a butcher knife, and reinvented the horror movie in the process. A genius stroke of movie making, scary as heck to this day, and the graveyard from which all slasher films emerged. It even spawned two crappy sequels and a remake… but even they can’t tarnish the luster of the original.

Sybil (TV, 1976)
This TV movie is worth mentioning because it was an enormous success critically and ratings-wise at the time of its airing, and starred then-superstar Sally Field as the gal with 16 different personalities. It was based on a true story about a young woman whose childhood was so disturbing she developed all these vastly different personas. Here, split personality is used as a metaphor for what people do to survive and the plight of abused children. Pretty deep, huh?

Mommy Dearest (1981)
Faye Dunaway plays deranged mega-star actress Joan Crawford, who is as charming as can be in front of the camera and adorning press, but an absolute terror behind closed doors to her daughter and the hired help. This film is notorious for an intense scene when Crawford beats her child with a wire coat hanger while screaming, “No more wire hangers!!!!” Creepy, man…creepy...

All Of Me (1984)
Steve Martin accidentally ingests the spirit of millionaire Lilly Tomlin, who now takes over half of his body and mind in this hilarious Carl Reiner-directed comedy. Martin offers up some of his best physical comedy ever as one half of his body tries to act normal while the other half is possessed by Tomlin. They argue, they fight, they pee, and by the end, they become the closest of friends.

Fight Club (1999)
When we learn that Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are actually the same guy, this movie suddenly shoots to the top of the list of rad split-personality movies. It’s apocalyptic ending is as cool as it is ridiculous, and fight scenes are waaaay over the top. But man-oh-man if this movie doesn’t leave an impression on ya after you've seen it. Love it or hate it, it gets the job done….

Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
Split personality sufferer Jim Carey is a peace officer who must escort a woman (Renée Zellweger) back to Upstate New York. Both personalities fall in love with the woman and end up fighting each other for her and it’s all quite fun and funny. This hit film proves that split personalities are indeed something to laugh at… hard.

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