Hell-Razah Talks Godfather, Madden & Hip Hop

Hell-Razah Talks Godfather, Madden & Hip Hop

By - Posted Apr 06, 2006

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Sunz of ManStreet Fury knows hip hop, baby. I think we've proved that through our interviews, podcasts and coverage with rappers like E-40, Luther Campbell, D-Block, and many more. And there's few MCs in hip hop more respect than Hell-Razah of Wu Tang fam's Sunz of Man. This dude spits like no one's business and might just be the hardest workin' man in the rap game. He's recorded solo joints (When All Hell Breaks Loose), collabo bangers (Freedom of Speech with 4th Disciple), group projects like Maccabeez and Black Market Militia, and many mixtapes (Black Presidents, Rapid Refund). All this in addition to his work with the great Sunz of Man, who just issued a rarities collection called Old Testament. Whew!

Street Fury had a chance to speak with Razah about his love of videogames, all that is Madden, and some of the new projects he’s currently working on. A busy New Yorker with a slew of projects flooding the scene, it’s amazing Hell-Razah has any time at all to devote to game playing…yet he makes the time, dammit!

What are some of your favorite videogames these days?

1. NBA 2K6
2. Godfather
3. Prince Of Persia 2
4. Gun
5. Condemned

My favorite game right now is Godfather. It’s like the movie exactly and I been a Godfather head ever since. I love RPG games and this one took the cake. The graphics is incredible and the characters look real. They even got Marlon Brando real voice in it, and all the old mobster guns and cars. This is truly official for any gangsta head.

I hear you're a big Madden too. What do you like so much about the Madden games?

The playbooks are crazy. The graphics – it’s like the realest football game you will get to play, as far as the NFL goes.

What makes it better than the other football games?

Because it always upgrades with new features, music, control plays -- it don't stop.

Sunz of ManWhat was the first Madden game you ever played?

My first Madden game was… ummm…. ’98. And I been hooked ever since.

Are you into cheats? Got any Madden tricks or cheats we should know about?

I'm not feeling all that cheat codes slickness, but I still know where they get them from.

Do you remember the first sports or football game you ever played?

My first joint had to be Tecmo Bowl. I used to always play witt Bo Jackson on the Raiders.

What type of video game setups/consoles do you currently have?

Xbox, PS2, and GameCube.

What type of video games are your favorites?

Adventure, sports, shoot ‘em up stuff, RPG.

Is there a videogame coming out later this year that you’re excited about?

The game I’m actually waiting to drop is saint's row which will be out in September we may have some songs in the game too so you know I’m supporting that big time and its coming out on x-box 360 so pick it up...

What did you have back as a kid?

Atari 2600, Colecovision, Sega Genesis.

Have you ever done a voice for a videogame?

I never got to do any voiceovers, but I will love to be a part of that so don’t be surprise you hear Hell-Razah in a game talking for one of the characters soon.

Why the name Hell-Razah? Is Hellraiser a favorite movie of yours?

My name is not from the movie. It’s from being raised in hell and to raise my people from hell to a heavenly state of mind. All my Hell-Razah's stand up.

So what's happening with your group Sunz of Man?

We all busy, everything is good. There’s a lot of material coming from all of us, so show your support.

Hell RazahTell me about Maccabeez, your side-project with your Sunz of Man partner Killah Priest, all about?

Maccabeez is about the revolt against the wicked government just like the Israelites in tha bible. Look for tha album by summer 2005.

Is your official  solo album gonna come out or just as a mixtape for the underground?

Hell-Razah and 4th Disciple present Freedom of Speech was like a solo album, though I did it with 4th Disicple from Killarmy. I got another one out later this year too. Cop it and really listen to it. The mixtapes are underground for the true Maccabeez ridaz who been supporting.

What's next for you?

Albums, DVDs, working on a book, and some conspiracy tapes. As far projects I got coming up, I’m mainly goin’ hard for my solo album, which is going to be a classic LP. It’s titled The Renaissance Child. We also got the Killah Priest album The Offering, which is another classic. I’m workin’ with 4th Disciple and Messiaz on a rock-n-rap version of Freedom of Speech and droppin’ Article 2: Right to Bare Arms with 4th Disciple. Also, currently we are finishing the Black Market Militia Part 2 and the Maccabeez lp. So I’m putting in a lot of work right now, but my fans will be really happy when they buy each and every album. You can get a preview on www.hell-razahonline.com.

Any last words?

Thanks for the love and support, it’s much appreciated. More music is coming y’all way. Shalom. "Shalom" means peace in Hebrew.

Shalom to you too, my friend. Shalom.

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