Yoshi's Mod Tip: Cheap & Easy Cooling

Yoshi's Mod Tip: Cheap & Easy Cooling

By Yoshi - Posted Oct 15, 2004

This project was inspired one day when it was super hot in my room but outside it was at least 25 degrees colder. I guess that's the price you pay for having lots of tech running in your room... Anyway, it is a very, very easy mod to do.
Here is what you will need:

Project Ghetto Cool - 2

1. Fan. I used an 8” round desk fan. Whatever size you like, but remember you will have to find a adapter to go down to 4” for whatever size you use, or make it yourself.
2. 8” - 4” adapter. You can find this at your local hardware store that carries ducting supplies.
3. A section of 4” dryer hose.
4. A 4” dryer hose wall adapter.

It’s simple:  

Mount the adapter to the fan I used caution tape for fun, but duct tape will work great.

Drill or cut a 4” hole in the side of your case, preferably over the CPU area.

Remove the hood and flap from the dryer hose wall adapter.

Mount it from the inside of the case, and trim down the wall adapter until it only sticks out of the case three inches. Again, duct tape will work great for mounting this.

Dryer adapter being inserted from inside:

Project Ghetto Cool - 2

Attach your dryer hose between the fan and the computer.

I like to place the fan outside my window so it is nice cold air. And run the hose through a section of plywood that will let the window still seal.

Voila -- you’re done. Easy, cheap, and now your girlfriend won't kill you for leaving the windows open in the winter time.

This is how the finished product looks:

Project Ghetto Cool - 1

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