Street Villain: Necro on Horror Flicks & Halloween

Street Villain: Necro on Horror Flicks & Halloween

By - Posted Oct 30, 2006

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Legendary underground death-rap MC Necro knows his horror movies and his hip hop. With splatter flicks like Hostel and Saw all the rage in the theaters these days, and rap music blazin' the charts as always, G4 decided to chat with New York's own Necro about his love for horror flicks, his Halloween tactics, and how much video game time this busy MC fits in his schedule. With his latest albums The Sexorcist and The Pre-Fix For Death, in stores now through his Psycho+Logical-Records, Necro is poised for major success in 2007.


G4: What is your favorite horror movie of all time and why?
I would say Blood Sucking Freaks cuz it’s the white slave trade and it’s so foul. The whole concept, from the music to the flick itself, was bile. It’s like no other gore flick ever. As much as it had humor, people tend to sleep on all the seriousness of it. Stuff like that happens in real life so it’s rather real actually.

G4: Who is the greatest horror villain and why?
Probably Ralphus from Blood Sucking Freaks cuz he was a midget and he packed blow guns, had an afro, and [the actor that played him, Louis De Jesus] had sex with porn star Vanessa del Rio in a porno film. Plus, he was Puerto-Rican, so he had ethnic edge, and he rocked one liners that were evil. After that, I might say Joe Spinell in Maniac. He was sick, a real nutcase, talking to mannequins. But, Charles Manson is a sick real-life villain.

G4: What is your favorite heavy metal band of all time and why?
Probably a tie between Metallica and Sabbath. With Metallica, their first four albums had a big influence of me. They were very heavy, technical, melodic, fast, and had ill lyrics and subjects. They influenced everyone in my opinion and were still not sellouts if you look at them from their first album to Master of Puppets, which still shreads me. Sabbath because, not only are they evil, but they are the fathers. There would be no Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, or anyone, if not for Sabbath. So it starts with Sabbath and then Metallica were the sickest after that, but keep in mind I love groups like Obituary, Megadeth, Slayer, Death, etc., so its hard to pick favorites cuz I like a bunch of awesome groups. But nobody was as monumental as those two bands.Necro

G4: Do you play any horror videogames like Resident Evil or Silent Hill?
No. I have been so busy with my music and making beats and rhyming, etc., that I got no times for video games. Hopefully, in the future, I will have time to mess around with them. When I was younger, I played a lot of games and when I’m rich, and can do it, I will go back and buy the best games.

G4: What was the coolest Halloween costume you dressed up in as a kid?
Hmmmmm. I can’t remember. Maybe the devil. I might have dressed like the red devil one Halloween.

G4: What will you dress as for Halloween next year?
I don’t celebrate Halloween really. That stuff don’t impress me; maybe cuz I’m so busy working on being rich. I think at one point I will be rich and I’ll have custom Halloween outfits made, but until then I’m grinding. As a kid, I used to go around hitting people with eggs. We once bombed these girls in the projects with eggs and pissed on them. We were foul as kids. In the projects, we would go on the roof and hit people with eggs that were walking by. That was the s**t cuz the projects was six stories high, so you had a great view and we would lace people. Those were the days.

Contact Necro and order his music at:
PMB# 196 1375 Coney Island Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11230


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