Hard Drive Speakers?

Hard Drive Speakers?

By Yoshi - Posted Oct 12, 2004

Today’s project is something that has been floating around the net for quite a while now. I never bothered trying it because I assumed it was bogus.

But I was in a funny mood today and decided to give it a shot anyway.

Here is the original article.

The basic concept is simple: connect your stereo to your HD instead of a speaker… The idea being the heads in the HD when supplied with speaker input from the amp will cause the platters to vibrate giving you sound.

So I grabbed a couple speakers, tore them apart, and tested it out. It took me about 5 minutes to test this.

While the original author compared this mod to $500 Klipsch speakers, it doesn’t sound anywhere close to as nice, but it is pretty fun and you can hear the music fairly well.

The big bonus being the drive heads go nuts and bounce all over the place.

If you got an old speaker laying around that is dead and serving as a paper weight then give it a try its definitely entertaining and your friends will think it's funny.

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