Yoshi's Mod Tip: DIY Projector Screen

Yoshi's Mod Tip: DIY Projector Screen

By Yoshi - Posted Sep 24, 2004

I am building a screen because, well, I am cheap and don't want to spend a lot of money on one. This project can be done on two levels:

Super Cheap -- less than $25, using a basic frame and blackout cloth.

Cheap -- $199 using the same frame and painting the screen with Screen Goo from Goo Systems.

I am building my example with only half of the screen painted so you can see the difference between the two choices.


1. Here is how the Screen Goo kit arrived.

yoshi projector screen 1

2. Here's the kit -- with the lid open!

yoshi's projector screen 2

3. The kit contained:
* Grey Base coat.
* Light Grey top coat.
* Ultra black for doing the borders.
* It also came with instructions, a paint tray, roller and two roller tubes.

yoshi's projector screen 3

4. I started by building a basic frame using a few 1x2's. It's not a lot of weight, so it doesn't need to be super strong.

yoshi's projector screen 4

5. I stretched the blackout cloth over the frame much the same way you would a painting canvas.

yoshi's projector screen 5

6. Front side view. It is very important that it be very tight, otherwise it will have shadows and sags in the screen surface.

yoshi's projector screen 6

7. Here I have painted half of the screen. I put on two coats of the base paint as per instructions.

yoshi's projector screen 7

8. Here I have put two coats of top coat on it. It is starting to dry already.

yoshi's projector screen 8

9. Here is a pic of it working. You can see the side on the left is the one that was painted. It has slightly better black levels, which to a movie buff is very important. The uncoated side is fairly good considering it is a $25 110" screen. The big advantage of the Screen Goo is that it can be applied directly to a wall in your home.

yoshi's projector screen 9

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