Star Wars Showdown: Yoda and Chewie in a Battle of Wits

Star Wars Showdown: Yoda and Chewie in a Battle of Wits

By Steve Dove and Jenni Villarreal - Posted Sep 22, 2004

Yoda gets credit for being a wrinkled green sage, but is he really? And Chewbacca--he's been pegged as the muscle. But is that fair? Does talking funny really equal intelligence...or, in Chewie's case, do grunts equal stupidity? We put the aliens to the test to find out.


  Yoda Chewbacca Winner?
Words of Wisdom "Do or do not, there is no try" "Awroooooh" Chewie--he speaks the truth.
Robot Repair Fights with R2-D2 over a light. Fixes C-3PO "prison-style". Chewie!
Conflict Management Speaks all backwards and junk to confuse people. Rips people's arms off when he loses. Chewbacca.
Dumbest Line Pick one. They're all goofy. Dippy Tarzan yell. Yoda--at least he keeps his dignity.

With three out of four points, Chewbacca slaughters Yoda in this battle of the brains. All those smarts and a silky coat of fur, too? Life just isn't fair.


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