Colorful! Episode 1

Episode #5055


The first four vignettes that make up the first episode of Colorful!:

  • Local students have been slamming their heads against a streetlight. Is it cursed or are they just frustrated perverts? Itani and Hirokawa’s English teacher helps them pronounce the letters “L” and “R”. Steve introduces himself and his joy for filming and photography.
  • While working as a part time store clerk, Itani avoids being caught peeking as his coworker’s panties thanks to an equally perverted shoplifter. An older man steals the view from Itani while on the subway but is later interrupted by a rush of little leaguers.
  • Itani finds an attractive woman staring back at his own wardrobe malfunction during a social party. Later, Hirokawa gets too close to his sleeping roommate’s legs and gets burned.
  • Yamamoto’s coach sings her praise in sports and beauty. Itani and Hirokawa sit in the park to catch glimpses of women’s panties as the wind blows their skirts. Hirokawa is determined to make up for his bad luck by running up all 10 flights of stairs for more peeping only to find large, unattractive, old ladies.

Bench girls