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Wb: Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Sucker Punch Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Warner Bros. showcases three eagerly awaited upcoming films: Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! The wizards and muggles will be out in force.

WB: Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Sucker Punch - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

WB: Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Sucker Punch - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Kevin Kelly - Posted Jul 24, 2010

[11:37] Kevin Kelly: "Hey G4ians! We're here inside Comic-Con's massive Hall H, awaiting the start of the Warner Bros. panel. They'll be pimping Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, and ... who knows? Stay tuned!"

[11:39] Kevin Kelly: "By the way, the Hall is extremely packed. People were camping out all night to get a seat, and this morning the line wrapped around the backside of the Convention Center. Wowsers."

[11:40] Kevin Kelly: "Panel is scheduled to start at 11:45am, about 5 minutes from now."

[11:41] Kevin Kelly: "We'll post any trailers as soon as they are released, typically they make them available to us after the panel, but in some cases it can take a day or two."

[11:42] Kevin Kelly: "Personally? I'm hoping to see some Green Lantern footage."

[11:43] Kevin Kelly: "They've handed out 3D glasses, so we'll be seeing ... something in 3D."

[11:45] Kevin Kelly: "They also gave out swag bags, containing: A Harry Potter "Undesirable #1" t-shirt, an exclusive Comic-Con Green Lantern movie comic book, a Sucker Punch bracelet, and a ticket for ... something. Probably a poster."

[11:46] Kevin Kelly: "Sucker Punch, for those of you asking, is a new film coming up from Zack Snyder."

[11:46] Kevin Kelly: "Sucker Punch -- Fasten your seatbelt for a sneak peek at the dark action fantasy Sucker Punch, from director Zack Snyder, who previewed his films300 and Watchmen at past Comic-Cons. A group of young girls escape the dark reality of their lives through their vivid imagination, which takes them to various fantasy locations in different realms. The ensemble cast features Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung, and Jon Hamm."

[11:48] Kevin Kelly: "Jerry O'Connell just walked by. Which was a bit weird."

[11:49] Kevin Kelly: "They're still seating people, so we're not quite started yet."

[11:50] Kevin Kelly: "Everyone is clapping, wanting to get this going."

[11:51] Kevin Kelly: "There's a guy blowing an actual vuvuzela in the crowd."

[11:51] Kevin Kelly: "Thankfully, it's only one."

[11:52] Kevin Kelly: "Okay, here we go. Whew."

[11:52] Kevin Kelly: "Eddie Ibrahim, head of Comic-Con programming, is welcoming us to Day Three. Woot!"

[11:53] Kevin Kelly: "And they're telling us not to record or bootleg any of the footage. "This footage is really just for you guys.""

[11:53] Kevin Kelly: "And here's the moderator, Jeff Boucher of the LA Times."

[11:54] Kevin Kelly: ""In brightest day... in blackest night.....""

[11:54] Kevin Kelly: "He's pumping the crowd up for next summer's Green Lantern."

[11:55] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes Geoff Johns."

[11:55] Kevin Kelly: ""It seems to me like Comic-Con is taking over Hollywood, not the other way around.""

[11:55] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff: "I'm super, super excited, this is the first Green Lantern movie panel in history.""

[11:55] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff: "Being on-set was one of the most exciting times of my life.""

[11:55] Kevin Kelly: "They're going to show us some footage! Very first look at it."

[11:57] Kevin Kelly: "Whoa."

[11:57] Kevin Kelly: "Just, whoa."

[11:58] Kevin Kelly: "Footage starts out, a voice talks to us and welcomes us as "Inhabitants of Sector 2814" and tells us to focus on the green light on screen."

[11:58] Kevin Kelly: "As we do, the footage begins. You see Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan discovering Abin Sur's crash site."

[11:59] Kevin Kelly: "You see the ring in his hand. It's sizeable, dark green, and looks semi-transparent."

[11:59] Kevin Kelly: "Brief looks at the fin-headed Lantern from the Green Lantern Corps... I've forgotten his name."

[11:59] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds swipes down three baddies with a huge green fist."

[11:59] Kevin Kelly: "Then there's a brief shot of OA."

[12:00] Kevin Kelly: "And that's it. The whole time, Reynolds' voice is reciting the Green Lantern code."

[12:00] Kevin Kelly: "Looks pretty amazing."

[12:00] Kevin Kelly: "Very amazing."

[12:00] Kevin Kelly: "We didn't get a full suit shot of Reynolds yet."

[12:01] Kevin Kelly: "Now they've brought everyone out: Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong ..."

[12:01] Kevin Kelly: "Blake Lively (wow, she's hot in a very revealing top)"

[12:01] Kevin Kelly: "Greg Berlianti, the writer"

[12:01] Kevin Kelly: "Peter Sarsgaard"

[12:02] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds said he was attracted to the role because he gets to throw a punch, tell a joke, and kiss the girl. He's hoping for 2 or 3 more movies."

[12:02] Kevin Kelly: "Sarsgaard is talking about how big his head gets in the film. "Pretty big!""

[12:03] Kevin Kelly: "By the way, the footage we saw was all in 2D."

[12:03] Kevin Kelly: "Mark Strong says he felt like Bono coming out on stage."

[12:04] Kevin Kelly: "Director Martin Campbell is talking about the tone of the movie. It's fun, there's humor, the action is very real, and the relationship between the characters is real."

[12:04] Kevin Kelly: "He's never done a superhero movie, "Unless you count James Bond, but he's nothing like Green Lantern.""

[12:05] Kevin Kelly: "Now they're talking about the costume, which has had a big fan reaction."

[12:06] Kevin Kelly: "Martin Campbell, "The costume is always a work in progress. We have the black and green, and we lost the white gloves. We felt it looked cooler and far more interesting without them. There are certain lines on the costume, and it's more like a skin on GL than a costume. The lines are all lines of musculature, which our designer came up with. It is a work in progress. It will eventually look incredibly cool.""

[12:07] Kevin Kelly: "We go to Oa in this film, and we get to see the 3600 Green Lanterns."

[12:07] Kevin Kelly: "They will be featuring many of the well-known and famous Green Lanterns, including Kilowog."

[12:08] Kevin Kelly: "You'll see the classic Corps characters in the film."

[12:09] Kevin Kelly: "Including The Green Man and Bzzd."

[12:10] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff Johns is telling a story about how they tried to make a Green Lantern 10 years ago, and the first thing the studio exec asked was "Can we make the movie without the ring?" That's when he thought there would never be a Green Lantern film."

[12:10] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds is talking about how great it was to shoot in New Orleans. They have three weeks of shooting left to go."

[12:11] Kevin Kelly: "Boucher: "Your wife is a Marvel character... does that cause any strife?""

[12:11] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds: "Well, we probably have more comic books lying around then other married couples ... although that might not be true for this crowd.""

[12:11] Kevin Kelly: "Blake is talking about Carol Ferris and how she's a strong character."

[12:12] Kevin Kelly: ""The best part of getting this job was getting to call my nephews to tell them I was going to be in a superhero movie.""

[12:12] Kevin Kelly: ""Or course, Carol becomes a villain later, and I can't wait to kick his butt.""

[12:13] Kevin Kelly: "Sarsgaard is talking about his character, and how he becomes an expression of what he keeps inside. "He's the kid that licked the battery... or went on the roof during a thunderstorm with a coat hanger.""

[12:13] Kevin Kelly: "Questions from the audience coming up..."

[12:14] Kevin Kelly: "To Peter Sarsgaard, "What got he hooked to this project?""

[12:14] Kevin Kelly: "Sarsgaard, "Well, I came in and talked to Martin one day, and he told me the story of the film through the eyes of my character. It felt like an amazing arc ... a great journey for a character.""

[12:15] Kevin Kelly: "They're talking about including the Green Lantern Corps, and Geoff Johns said it's said an important part of Hal Jordan's development as a Green Lantern, so they needed to include them."

[12:15] Kevin Kelly: ""Could this be the beginning of a shared DC universe on film?""

[12:16] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff Johns, "There will be a lot of DC movies coming up soon, but I can't talk about them.""

[12:16] Kevin Kelly: "To Mark Strong, "Will your character in this movie kick ass?""

[12:16] Kevin Kelly: "Strong: "I certainly hope so. I shall do my best to, as you say, kick ass.""

[12:17] Kevin Kelly: "By the way, Reynolds is wearing a pretty sweet Green Lantern ring on the stage while he's answering questions."

[12:17] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds is talking about how he got the part. He screen tested a couple of times, and "They made me work for it.""

[12:18] Kevin Kelly: ""I saw this guy who is arrogant and cocky in the film who is given this amazing gift, and that becomes humbling for him. I thought that was a great arc for a character in a superhero film.""

[12:19] Kevin Kelly: "Martin Campbell on Hal's Father, "Martin Jordan, Hal's father, dies at the beginning of the film in a plane crash, and Hal is there when this happens. It affects him very much, for the rest of his life. It's important to him becoming a fully-fledged Green Lantern.""

[12:19] Kevin Kelly: "Someone is asking if there could be a Justice League movie."

[12:20] Kevin Kelly: "Johns: "Anything is possible, but I think the Green Lantern movie will lead the charge for anything that comes later.""

[12:20] Kevin Kelly: "What do you want to dress as if you could wear a costume at Comic-Con?"

[12:20] Kevin Kelly: "Ryan Reynolds, "I'd like to be a Wookie, because I could be cute and dangerous.""

[12:20] Kevin Kelly: "Blake: "Harry Potter. I mean, come on!'"

[12:21] Kevin Kelly: "Mark Strong: "I'd love to show you Sinestro!""

[12:21] Kevin Kelly: "Peter Sarsgaard, "I always loved Captain America.""

[12:21] Kevin Kelly: "Greg Berlianti, "Barry Allen, the Flash.""

[12:21] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff Johns: "Ryan Reynolds.""

[12:22] Kevin Kelly: "The cutest kid in the world in a Green Lantern t-shirt gets up and asks Ryan Reynolds what it's like to say the Lantern oath. Ryan obliges by telling him it's awesome... then he does it for the entire room while brandishing his Green Lantern ring. Okay, I'll admit, it gave me chills."

[12:22] Kevin Kelly: ""Is there room for Alan Scott in the Green Lantern mythology?""

[12:22] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff: "There's always room.""

[12:23] Kevin Kelly: ""Will we see Ion or Parallax in these films?""

[12:23] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds, "Parallax is in it. I better be able to say that...""

[12:23] Kevin Kelly: ""He's the emotional manifestation of fear in this.""

[12:24] [Comment From Andrew Carl: ] "I wonder if the ring is a film prop, or if Reyonlds was enough of a fan to buy a repilca"

[12:24] Kevin Kelly: "It's definitely not the same ring we saw in the footage. Looks like he bought one."

[12:24] Kevin Kelly: "It's chunky and just the insignia."

[12:24] Kevin Kelly: ""Is Mogo in the movie?""

[12:24] Kevin Kelly: "Geoff: "There's a lot of Green Lanterns in the movie.""

[12:25] Kevin Kelly: "The crown cheered incredibly loudly for both the footage, and for Reynolds reciting the oath."

[12:26] Kevin Kelly: "Talking about flying, Reynolds says that all the Lanterns have their own way of flying. Reynolds, "We get to really spend up in the air and fly. We can bank and make right turns and do somersaults. The flight part for me has been one of the most fun parts of filling the Green Lantern shoes for me.""

[12:26] Kevin Kelly: "Mark Strong is talking about flying as well, "It feels like being a kid again. It's amazing.""

[12:26] Kevin Kelly: ""Is aviation big in the film, given Hal's background?""

[12:27] Kevin Kelly: "Martin Campbell, "Yes, and Carol Ferris is a pilot as well. There's a scene where they both have to go up and fly to F-35's as part of a demonstration. Hal and Carol go up in competition with robotic planes, it's a very exciting sequence.""

[12:29] Kevin Kelly: "Ryan is talking about the ring he's wearing. "It's been with me for the last six months. As you know, these are passed on from one Green Lantern to another. I think it would be fitting if I passed this on to an audience member in the crowd.""

[12:29] Kevin Kelly: "There's a piece of paper taped to someone's seat... they get the ring!"

[12:29] Kevin Kelly: "I wish this was like Oprah and we would all get rings."

[12:29] Kevin Kelly: "Reynolds: "This means we're married. But like in Space.""

[12:30] Kevin Kelly: "And that's all she wrote! More Green Lantern in upcoming weeks/months."

[12:31] Kevin Kelly: "Next up: Harry Potter"

[12:31] Kevin Kelly: "They're bringing out..."

[12:31] Kevin Kelly: "Tom Felton... Draco Malfoy."

[12:31] Kevin Kelly: "He's wearing a plaid shirt and he looks... very less evil."

[12:32] Kevin Kelly: "There are a lot of seats up on the table... so it feels like we're going to get some surprises here."

[12:33] Kevin Kelly: "Felton is talking about how much fun it's been to be in the movie, and to be here at his first Comic-Con. "It's been an incredible 10 years, so thank you very much.""

[12:33] Kevin Kelly: ""This started when I was 12, it's been an incredible journey. These last two films... everyone has put literally everything into it. I'm excited to see the footage we're about to see.""

[12:33] Kevin Kelly: "Here goes..."

[12:37] Kevin Kelly: "I can barely hear from the screaming fans."

[12:38] Kevin Kelly: "The footage looks, quite simply, amazing. EXTREMELY dark and brooding."

[12:38] Kevin Kelly: "Voldemort gloating over Dumbledore's dead body, the wand showdown between Harry and Voldemort, giant battles, Hagrid's flying motorcycle, and a room full of Harry Potters. GREAT stuff."

[12:39] Kevin Kelly: "This wasn't 3D either."

[12:39] Kevin Kelly: "Now they're giving something away...."

[12:40] Kevin Kelly: "Fellton is choosing a number..."

[12:40] Kevin Kelly: "And they didn't tell us what the winner received. Geez."

[12:41] Kevin Kelly: "And... OUCH. That was it for Harry Potter."

[12:41] Kevin Kelly: "No surprises. I'm disappointed."

[12:41] Kevin Kelly: "People are going to be cheesed at Warner Bros. This is the last Comic-Con before the first Deathly Hallows movie comes out. There are some very unhappy fans around me."

[12:42] Kevin Kelly: "Including me."

[12:42] Kevin Kelly: "Well, now we're on to Sucker Punch. Zack Snyder is asking the crowd if they liked Green Lantern and Harry Potter."

[12:43] Kevin Kelly: "Snyder is talking about Sucker Punch. "I'm a huge fan of fantasy and movies ... Sucker Punch has sort of become this amazing journey.""

[12:44] Kevin Kelly: "(yes, the Potter footage was all new)"

[12:44] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes the girls from the cast of Sucker Punch."

[12:45] Kevin Kelly: "First up, Carla Gugino who plays Mrs. Schiltz. She's looking hot in a VERY low-cut sundress."

[12:45] Kevin Kelly: "Jamie Chung, who plays Amber."

[12:45] Kevin Kelly: "Vanessa Hudgins as Blondie."

[12:46] Kevin Kelly: "Jena Malone as Rocket"

[12:46] Kevin Kelly: "and Emily Browning as Baby Doll"

[12:49] Kevin Kelly: "Sorry, they were showing us footage."

[12:50] Kevin Kelly: "Wow, this movie looks like a fanboy's wet dream: robots, giant mech suits (that look very Big Daddy-ish), dragons, biplanes, samurai swords, hot girls in sexy outfits ...."

[12:50] Kevin Kelly: "But it's still hard to tell what it's really about. A young girl gets checked into a mental institute when she's young ... and enters some sort of fantasy world."

[12:51] Kevin Kelly: "The girls are talking a bit about their characters, Emily Browning says "Blondie gets to shoot some of the biggest guns. Pretty badass stuff.""

[12:52] Kevin Kelly: "Jena Malone: "I wish we were sitting out there when they showed that footage!""

[12:52] Kevin Kelly: "The footage looked fairly awesome. Like Ultraviolent cranked to 11 and the contents of a comic book shop emptied into the script."

[12:53] Kevin Kelly: "Carla Gugino "That footage was crazy!""

[12:53] Kevin Kelly: "She plays Madam Gorski... a pseudo-dominatrix / nurse."

[12:54] Kevin Kelly: ""Alice in Wonderland meets One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" says Boucher"

[12:54] Kevin Kelly: "Snyder said the film came from working in commercials, and learning how to play with time."

[12:54] Kevin Kelly: ""It's the place where people can go in a stressful moment." (where they can go in their mind, basically)"

[12:55] Kevin Kelly: ""When I saw the first cut of this film, I thought we could cut all the action out because the girls did such a fantastic job.""

[12:55] Kevin Kelly: "There is a ton of CGI in this thing. Shocking for a Snyder film, right?"

[12:56] Kevin Kelly: "There's also a dancing / singing element to the movie."

[12:56] Kevin Kelly: "Maybe it's a documentary as well. He seems to have crammed everything in here."

[12:57] Kevin Kelly: "In the "reality" of the world, Carla's character is like a therapist, and she uses sound therapy. And in the "fantasy" world, the dances are interpretations of that therapy. - courtesy of Jena Malone, who seems to have the best grasp on how to explain this film. Whew."

[12:59] Kevin Kelly: "Carla "Each night, every time we did the dances, there was a huge group of people watching us. It gave us a great sense of energy.""

[12:59] Kevin Kelly: "Now it's Q&A time"

[12:59] Kevin Kelly: ""What's it like working with nearly an all-girl cast vs. an all-male cast?""

[1:00] Kevin Kelly: "Zack dances around the question for awhile, talks about how good the cast is, and makes me feel like I'm confused. "

[1:00] Kevin Kelly: ""How did you prepare for the role?" for Jamie Chung"

[1:00] Kevin Kelly: "She's asking what she's allowed to say."

[1:01] Kevin Kelly: ""I had a crash course in how to fly a plane and how to fly a chopper. I worked out with all of the girls for three months."

[1:01] Kevin Kelly: ""The camaraderie we had translated directly onto the screen.""

[1:02] Kevin Kelly: "The women are being asked what it's like to kick ass."

[1:02] Kevin Kelly: "Emily: "These girls are actually all supporting each other, and they're genuinely tough.""

[1:03] Kevin Kelly: "Jena: "It's hard to say... we're just seeing this for the first time. But so far it's great.""

[1:04] Kevin Kelly: "A guy is thanking Zack for adapting graphic novels so well."

[1:04] Kevin Kelly: "The same fight choreographer for 300 and Watchmen worked on this movie. "We did stuff in this movie that we've never done before", says Snyder."

[1:05] Kevin Kelly: "Snyder himself just said the movie has a 100 layers, so be prepared for a "Wha.. huh?!" experience."

[1:05] Kevin Kelly: "I don't think he literally meant 100 layers, but that's from the horse's mouth."

[1:06] Kevin Kelly: "Someone is asking Zack about crossover reality/fantasy films, like Inception. "How do you define the line between fantasy and reality?""

[1:06] Kevin Kelly: "Zack "Awesome.""

[1:07] Kevin Kelly: ""I don't want to ruin the movie, but I spent a lot of time on this movie trying to figure out the 'device' that transports you, and then the rules that take place in the alternate reality.""

[1:07] Kevin Kelly: "Snyder hopes the film is rated PG-13. "We have a lot of fantasy-style creatures in here that are getting mowed down. If you've heard of a little movie called Lord of the Rings, they killed a lot of orcs in that movie and got a PG-13.""

[1:08] Kevin Kelly: "FYI, the war sequences in the film are set during WWI. So there are NO NAZIS in the movie. Zack said he keeps hearing that and it's pissing him off."

[1:09] Kevin Kelly: "Carla is talking about playing a strong, awesome, well-written female character. It's a very long answer, and holy cow I'm just now reading about the announcement of Street Fighter vs. Tekken. Woo!"

[1:10] Kevin Kelly: "Snyder: "I do like women, I just wanted to grow on record and say that. After 300 came out, that came into question. Yes, I like women.""

[1:10] Kevin Kelly: "Snyder briefly talks about Xerxes, which he'll be directing. Based on the Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name."

[1:11] Kevin Kelly: "Finally, Vanessa gets to answer something. "It was amazing. I do this because I do projects I'm passionate about. I heard about Sucker Punch and thought 'This sounds like the coolest movie ever, but there's no way Zack will give me the part.' I auditioned twice, and got it!""

[1:12] Kevin Kelly: ""I feel like I grew so much from this, and it was one of the most memorable experiences I've had.""

[1:12] Kevin Kelly: "They're going to show the footage again, but first one last question. The girls all hopped up and tried to run into the audience to watch, but were stopped because whoops, one more question! And the question is for Zack. D'oh."

[1:13] Kevin Kelly: "It's about adapting graphic novels and trying to make it your own thing, despite the fact that your shots are right there in the source material."

[1:13] Kevin Kelly: ""I really try and love the material, and I think that's what we do.""

[1:14] Kevin Kelly: "Now it's footage time again."

[1:14] Kevin Kelly: "The girls are searching for seats, and here we go."

[1:18] Kevin Kelly: "Well, this is definitely the most over the top thing Zack Snyder has ever done."

[1:19] Kevin Kelly: "There is obviously some sort of Inception / multiple levels or layers thing going on here."

[1:19] Kevin Kelly: "And that's the end of the WB panel! Thanks for reading. We'll be back with more Comic-Con coverage soon, so stay tuned."

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