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The World That Is God Of War Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Grab your blades of fury and a bucket of popcorn: Ru Weerasuriya and Dana Jan (God of War: Chains of Olympus) are on-hand to give a look at the inside of the God of War world.

The World That Is God of War - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

The World That Is God of War - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Josh Engel - Posted Jul 24, 2010

[1:03] Josh Engel: "Hi everyone, just waiting for The World That is God of War to get started...."

[1:05] Josh Engel: "Here we go. The panel features Dana Jan, Derek Molder, Nathan Phailiff and Adam Byrne"

[1:05] Josh Engel: "They're going to discuss Ghost of Sparta, right after they show us a teaser trailer"

[1:06] Josh Engel: "Technical dificulties in the room...."

[1:07] Josh Engel: "OK, a little underwhelming teaser, but we do know that Ghost of Sparta is coming to the PSP in the fall"

[1:09] Josh Engel: "Dana: Excited to see a packed room full of GoW fans"

[1:09] Josh Engel: "Dana: One of the goals of this game was a bigger, more over-the-top experience"

[1:10] Josh Engel: "Dana: And to fill in some of the backstory that people have been wanting since the first game"

[1:11] Josh Engel: "Game will take place between God of War and God of War 2"

[1:13] Josh Engel: "Dana just thanked his team for all the hard work they put into this game, which he said is just as difficult and challenging to do for a portable system as it is for a console"

[1:14] Josh Engel: "About to roll some gameplay footage"

[1:16] Josh Engel: "Nathan: "We really pushed the hardware as far as we could on this game" -- and we're just looking at the main menu right now!"

[1:17] Josh Engel: "Characters have been revamped and redesigned and the team focused on being able to get as many enemies onscreen as possible"

[1:18] Josh Engel: "Watching gameplay ... pretty dark, but the visuals look great for a handheld system"

[1:19] Josh Engel: "The game looks to be pretty much non-stop action"

[1:19] Josh Engel: "With gratuitous amounts of blood, of course"

[1:19] Josh Engel: "Gigantic sea monsters attacking Kratos"

[1:20] Josh Engel: "Water effects look sweet on the ocean landscape (waterscape?)"

[1:21] Josh Engel: "Looks like somebody has released the kraken, or at least his angry cousin"

[1:21] Josh Engel: "Kraken's cousin is the first boss in the game and was unleashed by Poseidon"

[1:22] Josh Engel: "Six eyes, long arms, huge teeth"

[1:22] Josh Engel: "They said they made sure this first boss could completely devour the biggest boss from the last game. That gives you an idea of the size of this beast"

[1:23] Josh Engel: "Turns out it's a female who releases tiny spawn to make Kratos' life just a little bit harder"

[1:24] Josh Engel: "sorry, I meant they're showing footage. We're not able to give a live video feed"

[1:26] Josh Engel: "New magic in the game: Eye of Atlantis"

[1:26] Josh Engel: "shoots lightning and you can walk around and zap enemies"

[1:28] Josh Engel: "Team is saying they tried to make the kills even more over-the-top than before"

[1:28] Josh Engel: "While maintaining Kratos' credibility as an artist with the blade"

[1:29] Josh Engel: "One of the rules they established is that Kratos can never move backward"

[1:30] Josh Engel: "Now Kratos is sporting a spear and shield. Because, you know what they say: When in Sparta...."

[1:31] Josh Engel: "Now they're booting up "something special""

[1:32] Josh Engel: ""Midas Demo""

[1:33] Josh Engel: "King Midas is in the game, and Kratos has to track him down"

[1:35] Josh Engel: "Kratos has to give him a beatdown and carry his body out"

[1:35] Josh Engel: "without killing him"

[1:36] Josh Engel: "so it's really a continuous beatdown with small breaks of running with Midas on your shoulder"

[1:37] Josh Engel: "Kratos tosses Midas into a pit of fire ... and the demo ends"

[1:37] Josh Engel: "And now the Q&A is starting"

[1:39] Josh Engel: "Q: Is this the last God of War game?"

[1:40] Josh Engel: "A: That remains to be seen, but there is plenty of opportunity to the story going"

[1:40] Josh Engel: "keep the story going"

[1:42] Josh Engel: "Q: Can Kratos ride creatures like God of War 3?"

[1:43] Josh Engel: "A: Without getting specific, Kratos will definitely be able to climb on these giant creatures you'll find in the game"

[1:43] Josh Engel: "Q: Will there be any downloadable content?"

[1:43] Josh Engel: "A: As of right now, there is no plan for downloadable content"

[1:45] James Elkin: "Just to clarify, for those of you just joining, Comic-Con does not allow the broadcasting or streaming of panels in progress."

[1:51] Josh Engel: "OK, it looks like that's it for the God of War: Ghost of Sparta panel!"


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