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Sony: The Other Guys, The Green Hornet And Priest Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Sony's seminar boasts the inside word and early looks at soon-to-be-blockbusters The Other Guys, The Green Hornet, and Priest. Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Seth Rogen, Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Maggie Q, and more will be on hand.

Sony: The Other Guys, The Green Hornet and Priest - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Sony: The Other Guys, The Green Hornet and Priest - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 23, 2010

[4:14] Dana Vinson: "Hey everybody! I'm here in Hall H at Comic-Con for the Sony Pictures The Other Guys, The Green Hornet and Priest panel!"

[4:15] Dana Vinson: "If you guys have questions for me, ask me in the comments section. I'll be reading them throughout the panel."

[4:15] Dana Vinson: "First up: Priest!"

[4:16] Dana Vinson: "Priest is a movie based on a graphic novel from Tokyo Pop."

[4:17] Dana Vinson: "This is Tokyo Pop's first foray into movies."

[4:19] Dana Vinson: "The film adaptation starts in a post-apocalyptic world. Priest: Purgatory is a graphic novel that bridges the gap between the original work and the movie."

[4:22] Dana Vinson: "Here comes Scott Stewart, the director of Priest. Just said the movie won't be out until May 2011."

[4:23] Dana Vinson: "We were just shown a trailer for the film in 3D. Impressive. Very visual."

[4:24] Dana Vinson: "Not much plot or story elements, but the cast has just made its way on to the stage."

[4:25] Dana Vinson: "So, I'm sure we'll hear more details about the movie from the cast. Right now, we're hearing from the director, Scott Stewart. Now, the smooth voiced Brit Paul Bettany is talking about how exciting it was to work with Stewart on a movie with such a large scope and budget."

[4:26] Dana Vinson: "Now, the only woman on stage, Maggie Q is talking about the physicality of the film. Lots of stunts."

[4:26] Dana Vinson: "Karl Urban is back, always a crowd favorite here in Hall H."

[4:27] Dana Vinson: ""I spend most of this film bringing chaos," said Urban."

[4:28] Dana Vinson: "Now, we're hearing from Stephen Moyer. Says he plays a scientist that has sequestered himself in the desert, away from society."

[4:30] Dana Vinson: "The same cinematographer who shot Contact and Forrest Gump shot Priest."

[4:30] Dana Vinson: "Stewart says, "It's all rendered in stereo. We're taking many months to do the process so that it's the high quality the audience deserves.""

[4:31] Dana Vinson: "Stewart, the director, trusts Sony to help him bring 3D to life."

[4:33] Dana Vinson: "Genndy Tartakovsky the creator of a bunch of TV shows like Samurai Jack, did an animated opening for Priest."

[4:34] Dana Vinson: "He's talking about exciting it was to be able to animate something for an R-rated movie."

[4:35] Dana Vinson: ""Take the shackles off and make some adult animation," Genndy said."

[4:35] Dana Vinson: "They're showing us the prologue now."

[4:39] Dana Vinson: "Very cool prologue! It totally recapped the story of the Human/Vampire war and serves as a great intro to the film."

[4:39] Dana Vinson: "The visual style is incredibly cool too, very sort of old school, but with flavor."

[4:40] Dana Vinson: "Now, they're taking audience questions. Someone asked why the vampires don't have eyes."

[4:41] Dana Vinson: "Stewart is answering this one. He said they studied a lot of nature documentaries about nocturnal creatures and most of them evolved without eyes, so he made his vampires without eyes."

[4:42] Dana Vinson: "Cam Gigandet, who plays a sheriff in Priest, is talking about the difference between the vampires in Priest and those found in Twilight and True Blood. The difference is EXTREMELY obvious."

[4:43] Dana Vinson: "They don't have eyes at which to longing look at each other sparkling in the forest, for one."

[4:44] Dana Vinson: "As this is an action movie, Maggie Q is talking about all of the very extensive training she had to do to get ready for the stunts and fighting in the movie."

[4:45] Dana Vinson: "Karl Urban is talking about playing the villain...again. He doesn't mind being the bad guy though. He calls it "fun.""

[4:46] Dana Vinson: "Maggie Q's old track coach just got up to ask her a question!"

[4:46] Dana Vinson: "That was very sweet. She's very excited to see her old track coach."

[4:47] Dana Vinson: "That's all for Priest and now they're changing the table so we can get to The Other Guys!"

[4:49] Dana Vinson: "The Other Guys cast and crew is making their way onto the stage."

[4:50] Dana Vinson: "Directory Adam McKay, Will Farrell, Eva Mendez and Mark Wahlberg."

[4:51] Dana Vinson: "Now, they're showing a few clips from the movie."

[4:53] Dana Vinson: "The crowd is exploding with laughter. The clips are great!"

[4:55] Dana Vinson: "We haven't heard much from the cast yet, they're still showing clips."

[4:56] Dana Vinson: "All this stuff is really really funny. They're getting drunk, a bunch of homeless people have an orgy in Will Ferrell's red Prius."

[4:56] Dana Vinson: "The clips are done. Hopefully we'll get to hear from the cast now."

[4:57] Dana Vinson: "Eva Mendez looks absolutely stunning. She's wearing a gold cocktail dress."

[5:00] Dana Vinson: "Now the cast is going to take questions from the audience."

[5:00] Dana Vinson: "Will Ferrell was just asked about his favorite quotes from his movie..."

[5:01] Dana Vinson: "A: He said it's great to be here in the Whale's Vagina."

[5:01] Dana Vinson: "...and the crowd went nuts."

[5:02] Dana Vinson: "Eva Mendez, kidding, says Will Ferrell isn't very funny in person, but then challenged anyone in the audience to an Anchorman Quote-Off and said she's "kick ass.""

[5:04] Dana Vinson: ""Everyday, Will and I would look at each other and laugh and say, 'We just blew up a helicopter!'" from Adam McKay"

[5:04] Dana Vinson: "McKay is also officially signed on to do a new movie, "The Boys""

[5:05] Dana Vinson: "Will Ferrell said his favorite characters is Ron Burgandy."

[5:05] Dana Vinson: "No question mark at the end of that, btw."

[5:08] Dana Vinson: "An adorable boy in oversized glasses got up to the mic and Eva Mendez, before he could ask his question, Eva started hitting on him."

[5:09] Dana Vinson: "The panel got really into it and she was flirting with him, it was really cute and then Will Ferrell started saying "Boner Alert." "Boner Alert" "Boner Alert""

[5:09] Dana Vinson: "And then the kid's MOM came up to the mic!"

[5:09] Dana Vinson: "...while Will was still saying Boner Alert"

[5:14] Dana Vinson: "The mom was cool with it!"

[5:14] Dana Vinson: "It was all really harmless :)"

[5:16] Dana Vinson: "Eva Mendes is adorable!"

[5:16] Dana Vinson: "A boy got up to the mic who had met her five years ago at the Ghost Rider panel and she remembered him."

[5:17] Dana Vinson: "Now, Adam McKay is talking about Steve Coogan's appearance in the movie."

[5:18] Dana Vinson: "Will Ferrell just offered to fight anyone here in the audience. Just because."

[5:20] Dana Vinson: "Mark Wahlberg just wowed the crowd by speaking Hebrew."

[5:22] Dana Vinson: "Will Ferrell was just asked what's still left on his "Bucket List.""

[5:23] Dana Vinson: "He wants to have a fifty-two inch vertical jump, he's still working on his novel (he's 7,000 pages into it) and he wants to get his pilot's license."

[5:29] Dana Vinson: "Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have been producing a film together called The Virginity Hit."

[5:30] Dana Vinson: "They just showed the trailer. It looks interesting. About a group of kids who film their friend trying to lose his virginity and put it up on YouTube and it seemingly ruins his life."

[5:31] Dana Vinson: "And now, they're moving on to the last film tonight...The Green Hornet!"

[5:32] Dana Vinson: "Seth Rogen is up on stage!"

[5:34] Dana Vinson: "Now we're getting a sneak peek of the film."

[5:34] Dana Vinson: "It's a new trailer."

[5:39] Dana Vinson: "The trailer ends and huge applause from the crowd. Lots of intense action and the car is as cool as you think. Guns every where, but a very hip and modern vibe to it. Lots of pop culture references."

[5:41] Dana Vinson: "There is a little influence from the 1960s TV show, but this is a big departure from the original and a truly modern take on the superhero."

[5:42] Dana Vinson: "Michel Gondry, Green Hornet director is up on stage."

[5:43] Dana Vinson: "Seth says that they wanted to explore the relationship between hero and sidekick. The tension that would arise between them."

[5:45] Dana Vinson: "Christoph Waltz, who plays Chudnofsk, said it was fun to play such a "subtle" villain."

[5:46] Dana Vinson: "Gondry always wanted to shoot it in 3D. He's always been fascinated by 3D, but the producer said they needed to push the movie in order to get it into 3D and have it be good."

[5:47] Dana Vinson: "They're showing one of the 3D sequences."

[5:51] Dana Vinson: "The 3D clip was a fight sequence, of course."

[5:53] Dana Vinson: "The clip was very much tailored for 3D, lot of things popping off the screen for no reason."

[5:55] Dana Vinson: ""Writing is fun...and you don't have to lose weight." Seth Rogen on writing vs. acting."

[5:59] Dana Vinson: "They didn't want to change the costumes because "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and they wanted a DIY feel to it."

[6:01] Dana Vinson: ""We really focused on the relationships between the characters. The rest is easy to get people to buy into. We approached it from the standpoint of relationships and not as a superhero movie.""

[6:01] Dana Vinson: "Now, they're talking about Black Beauty."

[6:02] Dana Vinson: ""A bunch of major car companies wanted to do the car. They had to turn down millions of dollars from these companies because we used the 1962 Chrysler." Rogen said."

[6:03] Dana Vinson: "Gondry also wanted to keep the original car and not go with a futuristic design."

[6:07] Dana Vinson: "Waltz says he didn't know anything about The Green Hornet when he signed on to do the movie, but that Rogen and Gondry taught him everything he needed to know."

[6:10] Dana Vinson: "Rogen says the movie is not based that much on the old radio plays, but really more so on the mythology and the old TV show."

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "Well! That's it for the Sony Panel. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Happy Comic-Con!"

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