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Our Heroes Have More Fun: Showtime's Anti-Heroes Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Showtime is bringing its cast of anti-heroes to the Con this year, with a panel featuring Michael C. Hall (Dexter), David Duchovny (Californication) and Mary-Louis Parker (Weeds).

Our Heroes Have More Fun: Showtime's Anti-Heroes - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Our Heroes Have More Fun: Showtime's Anti-Heroes - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Mike D'Alonzo - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[4:42] Eric Eckstein: "The panel will be starting shortly, please stand by!"

[4:49] Eric Eckstein: "lights are going down. HUGE applause."

[4:49] Eric Eckstein: "Compliation video of Dexter, Californication, and Weeds"

[4:50] Eric Eckstein: "This one's for the ladies. LOTS of screaming chicks here."

[4:50] Eric Eckstein: "Oh! And Nurse Jackie, too!"

[4:53] Eric Eckstein: "David Duchovny comes on to HUGE applause, along with Tom Kapanos, Executive Producer of Californication."

[4:53] Eric Eckstein: "Paul Schulze, Eddie from Nurse Jackie, and Linda Wallem, EP"

[4:53] Eric Eckstein: "Mary-Louise Parker from Weeds"

[4:53] Eric Eckstein: "Michael C. Hall, Dexter himself, gets the most applause by far."

[4:53] Eric Eckstein: "This is an impressive panel of people."

[4:54] Eric Eckstein: "Alas, Comic-Con does not allow the broadcast or streaming of any of their panels during. Instead, we'll be bringing you a blow-by-blow recap as it happens!"

[4:54] Eric Eckstein: "Duchovny talks about his role as a truth teller on Californication, even though some of the truths that Hank tells are nasty."

[4:55] Eric Eckstein: "Kapinos agrees. Hank is his baby. He loves him no matter what."

[4:56] Eric Eckstein: "New footage from the show. Looks like Hank's past has caught up with him."

[4:56] Eric Eckstein: "Rob Lowe in the new season, as well."

[4:56] Eric Eckstein: "Competition for a girl."

[4:56] Eric Eckstein: "Carla Gugino, as well."

[4:57] Eric Eckstein: "As Hank's criminal defense attorney."

[4:57] Eric Eckstein: "Lowe will be a rogue movie star."

[4:57] Eric Eckstein: "Tommy Lee will play himself."

[4:59] Eric Eckstein: "Duchovny talks about how weird it is that Hank is now sometimes the moral center of the show"

[4:59] Mike D'Alonzo: "Paul Schulze (Eddie from Nurse Jackie) is up next, talking about the difference between his character on The Sopranos and Edie Falco's character on Nurse Jackie."

[5:00] Mike D'Alonzo: "Linda Wallem talks about how nurses come up to her and recite lines from the show."

[5:00] Mike D'Alonzo: "She then talks about how crazy it is in the hall, with all the people here for Showtime's shows."

[5:00] Mike D'Alonzo: "Mary Louise Parker is up next."

[5:01] Mike D'Alonzo: "She's very, very, very pretty in person, btw."

[5:01] Mike D'Alonzo: "Being an anti-hero is tough for"

[5:01] Mike D'Alonzo: "the role"

[5:01] Mike D'Alonzo: "Because she's a mother."

[5:02] Mike D'Alonzo: "Victoria Morrow, one of the producers of 'Weeds,' talks about the reinvention of the show over the years."

[5:02] Mike D'Alonzo: "Now it's Michael C. Hall. These people freakin' LOVE him."

[5:03] Mike D'Alonzo: "He talks about Dexter's code, which is a key part of the show."

[5:03] Mike D'Alonzo: "And how it's led people to be able to identify with him."

[5:04] Mike D'Alonzo: "Chip Johannessen, 'Dexter' producer, talks about Dexter's past, and how he was born removed from society."

[5:05] Mike D'Alonzo: "More video. 'Nurse Jackie' is up first."

[5:06] Mike D'Alonzo: "It's a compilation of stuff that's happened over the first two seasons."

[5:07] Poll: Who's the best Showtime anti-hero?

Hank Moody: (16%)

Dexter Morgan: (75%)

Jackie Peyton: (0%)

Nancy Botwin: (9%)

[5:08] Mike D'Alonzo: "Linda Wallem talks about how great it is to work with Edie Falco, and how good Season 3 will be, since Jackie's now in a corner."

[5:08] Mike D'Alonzo: "'Weeds' video. New footage."

[5:09] Mike D'Alonzo: "Botwins on the run after the climactic scene in the last season."

[5:09] Mike D'Alonzo: "They all seem to work in a hotel."

[5:09] Mike D'Alonzo: "There's hash involved now. :)"

[5:11] Mike D'Alonzo: "Victoria Morrow talks about the kids in the show."

[5:11] Mike D'Alonzo: "'Dexter' video - crowd goes wild."

[5:12] Mike D'Alonzo: "Very centered on the last scene of last season. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to. No spoilers."

[5:12] Mike D'Alonzo: "VERY good footage."

[5:13] Mike D'Alonzo: "MIchael C. Hall talks about how Dexter is now capable of emotion, after some seasons of being 'incapable of feeling,' which is not how Hall sees him at all."

[5:14] Mike D'Alonzo: "Dexter is going to be very emotional this season, it seems."

[5:15] Mike D'Alonzo: "Hall really loves the writing on 'Dexter,' which is why he's so happy to work on the show."

[5:15] Mike D'Alonzo: "Audience question time."

[5:16] Poll: What's the best show on Showtime?

Dexter: (72%)

Weeds: (9%)

Californication: (19%)

Nurse Jackie: (0%)

[5:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "Here we go. First question to Duchovny. She wants to know why he chose to do 'Twin Peaks.'"

[5:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "He said he was at a point in his career where he didn't have a choice."

[5:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "But he loved doing it."

[5:18] Mike D'Alonzo: "Next question for Michael C. Hall."

[5:18] Mike D'Alonzo: "Does he watch the clips as he does the voice-overs?"

[5:18] Mike D'Alonzo: "Yes. He records a scratch track and then watches it, to re-record it."

[5:19] Mike D'Alonzo: "Another question for Michael C. Hall."

[5:19] Mike D'Alonzo: "Does he approve of what Dexter does?"

[5:20] Mike D'Alonzo: "He sympathizes, and identifies with what Dexter does, but doesn't necessarily condone it."

[5:20] Mike D'Alonzo: "Weeds question."

[5:21] Mike D'Alonzo: "Does the Botwin family's insanity have to come to a point where something needs to change?"

[5:21] Mike D'Alonzo: "Victoria Morrow says the family is in a constant downward spiral, which is always the source of the drama."

[5:21] Mike D'Alonzo: "How did the creators get the idea to the screen?"

[5:22] Mike D'Alonzo: "Linda Wallem talks about 'Nurse Jackie' starting as a film script, and becoming a show."

[5:22] Mike D'Alonzo: "For David Duchovny."

[5:23] Mike D'Alonzo: "First Fox Mulder reference. Audience goes nuts."

[5:23] Mike D'Alonzo: "How was it to transition to such a different character for him? He says it was something he'd left behind, because it'd been so long since he played Mulder."

[5:24] Mike D'Alonzo: "And it's about who you are at the time you do something. He confuses himself."

[5:24] Mike D'Alonzo: "David also tells the crowd he's going to be on Broadway, starting in October."

[5:25] Mike D'Alonzo: "Michael C. Hall question. How does he feel about the way Dexter deals with social injustice?"

[5:25] Mike D'Alonzo: "He feels it goes a long way to make the character interesting. And certainly effective."

[5:25] Mike D'Alonzo: "He says, he thinks it's great. HUGE applause."

[5:26] Mike D'Alonzo: "Californication question: Where does all of the experiences with different women come from? Is it the writer's room?"

[5:26] Mike D'Alonzo: "Kapinos says yes, and that a lot of it is also wish fulfillment."

[5:27] Mike D'Alonzo: "Weeds question: Is there an endgame?"

[5:27] Mike D'Alonzo: "Victoria Morrow says no."

[5:27] Mike D'Alonzo: "The audience misses Romany Malco."

[5:27] Mike D'Alonzo: "Michael and David answer a question a word at a time."

[5:28] Mike D'Alonzo: "Q was "What's the difference between working on TV and in movies?""

[5:28] Mike D'Alonzo: "Answer was "It's pretty much the same.""

[5:29] Mike D'Alonzo: "Question about the Warren Zevon references on Californication confuses everyone, including Duchovny and Kapinos."

[5:30] Mike D'Alonzo: "Is this the last season of Weeds?"

[5:30] Mike D'Alonzo: "Mary Louise Parker looks concerned, asks, "Is that true?""

[5:31] Mike D'Alonzo: "Guy tells David Duchovny "you da man." and asks how the role came to him."

[5:32] Mike D'Alonzo: "He really loved the script, and it had the kind of humor he really liked."

[5:33] Mike D'Alonzo: "Moderator asks Michael C. Hall about the difference between playing a funeral director and a serial killer."

[5:33] Mike D'Alonzo: "Dexter doesn't get walked on quite as much."

[5:34] Mike D'Alonzo: "Nurse Jackie question."

[5:34] Mike D'Alonzo: "How do you mix the comedy and drama in the show?"

[5:34] Mike D'Alonzo: "It's native to the subject matter."

[5:36] Mike D'Alonzo: "Victoria Morrow talks about how she gets inspiration from watching stories about drug dealers gone wrong."

[5:37] Mike D'Alonzo: "Duchovny and Hall have killer chemistry. They're really funny together."

[5:39] Mike D'Alonzo: "Victoria Morrow talks about taking a ride with the writers on 'Weeds' at the American-Mexican border to learn about drug use at the border."

[5:40] Mike D'Alonzo: "Hall takes a question about last season's ender, and says he was really surprised at the way it all turned out. Julie Benz gets huge applause in her absence."

[5:41] Mike D'Alonzo: "Mary Louise Parker is asked about her favorite nude scene that she's ever done. She's horrified that there are so many."

[5:41] Mike D'Alonzo: "She then says she's undaunted and unfazed by nudity. She doesn't feel uncomfortable with it."

[5:41] Mike D'Alonzo: "And did I mention she's REALLY pretty in person?"

[5:42] Mike D'Alonzo: "There's a question about what shows they'd want to cross over to."

[5:42] Mike D'Alonzo: "Mary Louise says she always wanted to be on 'Flight of the Conchords.'"

[5:43] Mike D'Alonzo: "Paul Schulze talks about how he'd like to be killed by Dexter."

[5:43] Mike D'Alonzo: "Question for Michael: Will there be a new love interest for Dexter?"

[5:43] Mike D'Alonzo: "He doesn't think Dexter is looking for that kind of thing. He thinks that Dexter thinks that door is closed."

[5:44] Mike D'Alonzo: "He also talks about the emotion of shooting the final scene in the final episode, and how tough it was."

[5:45] Mike D'Alonzo: "Weeds premieres Monday, August 16th. Dexter Sunday, Sept 26th. Californication will be January. Nurse Jackie next year,"

[5:46] Mike D'Alonzo: "And that's it, kids! See you soon!"

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