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Halo: Reach Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Bungie hosts this discussion around the biggest game of 2010, including an in-person look at the campaign mode and some exciting Halo: Reach news.

Halo: Reach - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Halo: Reach - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[5:58] Dana Vinson: "Hey everyone! We're coming to you live from the Halo: Reach panel at Comic-Con 2010!"

[5:59] Dana Vinson: "They've dimmed the lights and are now playing some of the score from the game which was met with a chant from the crowd of "Bungie!" "Bungie!" "Bungie!""

[5:59] Dana Vinson: "So please, feel free to chant along in front of your PC."

[6:01] Dana Vinson: "I'm seeing in the comments some questions about video of this panel. Comic-Con is really strict about what can be shot on video, so this is going to be a written-only live blog."

[6:01] Dana Vinson: "Brian, the Community Director, welcomes everyone to the panel and jumps right in."

[6:01] Dana Vinson: "First up: Firefight."

[6:02] Dana Vinson: "In Reach, you'll have full matchmaking support from day 1."

[6:03] Dana Vinson: "You'll be able to join a Firefight playlist. Bungie is hoping you'll find a "fighting bromance" through the new social system."

[6:03] Dana Vinson: "Now Lars is taking the mic to talk about the customization in Firefight."

[6:04] Dana Vinson: "Lars is going to show us the built-in game types that will ship with the game."

[6:04] Dana Vinson: "Generator Defense, Gruntpocalypse is ALL GRUNTS ALL THE TIME!"

[6:05] Dana Vinson: "Gruntpocalypse is new to Comic-Con. Brand new game type."

[6:06] Dana Vinson: "Now Lars is going thought the Wave Properties and you can also set a time limit. There's complete customization for the Spartans and loadouts."

[6:07] Dana Vinson: "Lars described the level of customization as "ridiculous.""

[6:07] Dana Vinson: "Lars says he's about to show us something for the first time. What will it be?!"

[6:07] Dana Vinson: "You get to play from the perspective of the Covenant!"

[6:08] Dana Vinson: "They're going into some gameplay now. New armor ability: HOLOGRAM!"

[6:09] Dana Vinson: "All the maps in Firefight are taken from the campaign."

[6:10] Dana Vinson: "Lars just revealed a new vehicle: The Fork Lift"

[6:11] Dana Vinson: "He's backing it up...it beeps like a real fork lift."

[6:11] Dana Vinson: "There are shouts of "We love you!" from the audience."

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "Yes, guys, I can see your comments. I'll try and answer questions as best I can."

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "Next up: Forge"

[6:14] Dana Vinson: "Brian said we're going to go "beyond the canyon.""

[6:14] Dana Vinson: "We're going to see Forge and the latest iteration of Blood Gulch."

[6:15] Dana Vinson: "Going into gameplay now. The crowd goes nuts."

[6:16] Dana Vinson: "He's demonstrating how forgeable the map is, He's changing every thing, making big chunks of scenery disappear, changing spawn points, etc."

[6:17] Dana Vinson: "He just deleted a rock."

[6:18] Dana Vinson: "Here we go, beyond the canyon..."

[6:18] Dana Vinson: "Ooooooh and awws from the crowd as they fly around waterfalls and rock formations..."

[6:19] Dana Vinson: "Right now, we're looking at The Island, which is good for 16 players. There's a ton of objects in Forge World."

[6:21] Dana Vinson: "He just flew into something called "The Colosseum.""

[6:21] Dana Vinson: "He brings up the object placement UI. It's familiar, except for a new section called "structure.""

[6:23] Dana Vinson: "It's an entirely new section of objects. A huge library of objects to go through. Now, you orbit around the object. Bungie's goal with this new game is to make it easier for you to use forge."

[6:25] Dana Vinson: "So, in order to make it easier, they've added different physics and settings you can use to build."

[6:25] Dana Vinson: "There are a ton of new ways to move objects, it's extremely customizable."

[6:26] Dana Vinson: "I'm trying to make it as detailed as possible, while still covering everything, so hang in there."

[6:27] Dana Vinson: "You can customize teleporters, including how large they are and what can teleport through there, including vehicles."

[6:28] Dana Vinson: "Colored lights for landmarking...a lot more options."

[6:29] Dana Vinson: "The audience made him click on the "Toys" category. Golf Club and Golf Ball are back."

[6:30] Dana Vinson: "Another map from The Forge World list called The Cage"

[6:31] Dana Vinson: "Big reaction from the audience, huge round of applause as soon as The Cage comes on the screen. The map is similar to lockout and guardian."

[6:34] Dana Vinson: "Brian says, "I feel bad for anyone walking in. They're probably saying 'When did Halo turn into LEGOs?""

[6:35] Dana Vinson: "They're showing us a brand new video celebrating the announcement of Forge World."

[6:36] Dana Vinson: "It's the new ViDoc for Forge World."

[6:39] Dana Vinson: "In the video, they're talking about how Forge was clunky in Halo 3 and how they flushed out the options to actually be options and to allow you to do what you want to do with the objects."

[6:40] Dana Vinson: "You can be more precise than ever before with the new options. You can select individual objects and decide to delete all of that specific kind of objects on your map. Want to reposition all the spawn points? Just pick one and you can choose to delete them all."

[6:41] Dana Vinson: "They say that 'Reach' is the swansong for Halo, so they wanted to allow users to do what they had been doing all along: make cool maps."

[6:42] Dana Vinson: "The ViDoc is over now. Brian is back at the podium."

[6:43] Dana Vinson: "He's talking about the Limited and Legendary Editions of Reach and how sweet it's going to be. If you buy Legendary, you get the flaming helmet that used to be exclusive to Bungie employees. But you already knew that."

[6:44] Dana Vinson: "What you didn't know is that there's going to be a Halo: Reach Xbox 360."

[6:44] Dana Vinson: "Based on the new "slim" design of the 360, they're unboxing--for the first time--the Reach edition Xbox."

[6:45] Dana Vinson: "It comes with custom controllers, too. Those will be sold separately or they come with special edition."

[6:46] Dana Vinson: "One fan is being called up on stage for a special "surprise." He's getting one of the limited edition consoles."

[6:46] Dana Vinson: "Everyone in here is applauding to be polite, but everyone is TOTALLY JEALOUS."

[6:47] Dana Vinson: "Bungie is now going to take questions from the audience!"

[6:48] Dana Vinson: "They don't have a lot of time, but here we go..."

[6:48] Dana Vinson: "Q: Will Firefight be Forgable?"

[6:49] Dana Vinson: "A: No. Probably not a DLC option either."

[6:49] Dana Vinson: "Q: What does the Forklift do?"

[6:49] Dana Vinson: "A: You drive it and it beeps when you back it up."

[6:50] Dana Vinson: "(That was the ACTUAL answer. Also, it doesn't go fast enough to get a splatter. Waaa waaaaa)"

[6:51] Dana Vinson: "Q: What's your favorite glitch that wasn't shown in a weekly update?"

[6:51] Dana Vinson: "A: There was a bug in multiplayer that if you were playing as a female and your shields were popped, you became a dude."

[6:52] Dana Vinson: "Q: Is Halo: Reach's campaign longer than Halo 3?"

[6:53] Dana Vinson: "A: It's on par with Halo 3. It's a full-fledged single-player experience."

[6:54] Dana Vinson: "Q: What are you guys working on next?"

[6:54] Dana Vinson: "A: We've got a whole new project that we're not ready to talk about yet, but nice try."

[6:55] Dana Vinson: "A: You'll find the Spartan moves faster and jumps higher in the release. We've also tweaked the weapons a little bit."

[6:56] Dana Vinson: "Sorry, for some reason the last Q didn't go through"

[6:56] Dana Vinson: "The last question was "What did you learn in the Beta that made you change something in the final game?""

[6:57] Dana Vinson: "Alright guys, things are wrapping up here at the Halo: Reach panel!"

[6:57] Dana Vinson: "That's it for us. Thanks for reading and don't worry September will be here soon enough!"


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